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Maniac Mansion - Back to the Mansion


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So Craig Derrick just tweeted something interesting:


Scroll down and you'll see that he tweeted:


I'm sure more will be said throughout the weeks and months ahead, but for now, I'll be standing by when it's time to go BACK TO THE MANSION!


Apparently it got people so fired up that Eurogamer decided to call it newsworthy:



What do you guys think? After Monkey Island, do you think we'll get another Maniac Mansion game? Or maybe a remake? And do you think Ron Gilbert will be involved?


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I mean... I'm kind of satisfied because I can play Maniac Mansion on my PS4 via Day of the Tentacle. 

(Then after playing Maniac Mansion and based on the team/ending used, I can decide whether the sequel is Day of the Tentacle, The Cave, or Thimbleweed Park.)


There are a slew of other Lucas adventure games I'd love to have on console.

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1 minute ago, Lagomorph01 said:

I’d love for a Return to the Mansion to happen, but honestly, I’d rather have Ron make something new, like he did with Thimbleweed Park.

As I’ve never played MM very much and was never that keen to do so, I’d be very interested in a remake with new puzzles and everything (and Rex Crowle please 😬).


But if I’d could to decide, it’d definitely take something new, too.

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