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Open beta: The Return to Monkey Island Trivia Game


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4 hours ago, Garystu said:

Thank you for the recent update! ❤


Would it be possible to get an infinite lives option for the game? I just want to run through all the questions, and not get stopped.


I'll mull it over.

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I dunno, seems pretty easy to me:

By Cheating, I Won The Return to Monkey Island Trivia Game And All I Got Was This Stupid Message.
MojoMeter: 💖💖💖💖💖


Edited to add:

Sorry if I'm not supposed to share this, but if you do just want a lot of lives, you can open the browser console on the Trivia page (By pressing F12 in Chrome or Firefox, probably other browsers too), going to the 'Console' tab in there, and typing 'livesMax = 999; SetLives();'. This should give you 999 lives, with the only downside that it'll actually draw 999 life icons.

Of course, all of us are far too honest to use this method to artificially inflate our scores before posting.

Edited by Didero
Added hacky way to get more lives
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9 hours ago, neoncolor8 said:

Great game! Got quite addicted to it! 

Is there a correct answer for the Cogg Island Question? It's different in the game, I know, but I get the impression that it can't be answered correctly here?


I'm not sure if I follow the question -- are you talking about the trivia card and subsequently the island's location? If so, the coordinates are random.


Update! Oh, I get it! There was a bug in the game which I fixed. It can be answered now, just... with a twist.

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My middling Return to Monkey Island trivia game score: 166/170

MojoMeter: 💚💚💚💚💚



What a ride!

Although I'd really get the full score one day. At what point does counter of the wrong answers reset, or is this a bug?


I still got the Cogg Island question wrong on all the possible answers when I tried it a few times. 





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