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Possible hidden puzzle


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Is there hidden puzzle in game?


There is note at International House of Mojo that at face value seems to explain colors on price tags. It says following -green half off, blue half of half off, yellow half of half of half off, orange you glad you are here? Displays in carnival at end of game are marked by colors and you have to turn those displays off. It is not possible to turn off half of half of half of four displays -less than one display. But maybe there is some other logic in dealing with number of displays. And there are other possible things that note can hint at. Both Otis and rat in front of locksmith shop can stopped at different points on their tracks by turning displays off. (Well, rat in alley can sort of manipulated to by leaving alley in right moment.) Colored signs are not very clear which display is marked with which color. It seems that Otis track is kind of short for stopping him on finer points but maybe it matters that he passes it twice. And tracks have different lengths so half of half off may mean that number of sections of of Otis' track is roughly half of number of sections of track of rat in front of locksmith. About being glad line on note, there is option to say “Elaine! Thank god you are here!” while talking with Elaine in carnival and while signs in carnival aren’t very clear Elaine might stand in front of orange display.  (That line disappears even if you talk to her and use some other line.) But church may also be orange display and drawn arrow under sign points at church.  You can walk onto church stairs and Guybrush asks to renew their vows and Elaine says not this time. (You can do this one time only.)



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2 hours ago, BaronGrackle said:

Please tell me more about the "Elaine! Thank god you are here!" line. Are you saying it only appears sometimes? I wasn't understanding you.

When you choose any other line while speaking with Elaine (including good bye), option to choose line "Elaine! Thank god you are here!" disappears.

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