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MI Fangame Memories and Recommendations


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Fangames recently came up in another topic and they seemed a good topic to make a ... topic about.


I played a few back in the day. I remember in particular having played The Devil's Triangle and M:I2, but my memories of these are quite hazy since it's been perhaps over 10 years since.

I was also working on a fangame myself at some point but abandoned it for other projects before I showed it to anybody. And now I spent some time today thinking about that one and what I would do differently if I'd do it today, hypothetically. Most likely I will never do it, but there is a certain itch...


Also, there seems to be a list of some of the most relevant MI Fangames on Mojo, which put a smile on my face (https://mixnmojo.com/media/filecategories/Fan-Games), and if I saw that right, despite many of these old creators' pages being offline now, Mojo still seems to have mirrors. Too bad there are no screenshots to find some more easily.


That said, I was thinking about maybe revisiting some of them that I might still have somewhere in my old Downloads folder, to make up for not mentioning much more here than just the title of two games I remember.

So how about you guys? Any fond memories of some creative fan games?

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