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Grim Fandango Remastered physical release by LRG


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I had to make this thread just to end my triology (DOTTFull Throttle)

Grim Fandango just got announced as part of the physical releases the Double Fine remasters got by Limited Run Games. I wasn't sure this was going to be a part of this, considering the recent iam8bit PS4/Switch releases, but I'm glad it is.


This is the standar release, with the new artwork that was used in the remaster. I'm not particullary a fan of this cover, it always felt like concept art to me.



Since we are on topic, I do prefer the iam8bit cover without the sleeve (right)



And now to the collector edition:



I think this is by far the best one yet. It respects the original cover, the poster and print are in line with the game. The postcard is a nod to the original manual. The piñata USB drive is super orignal and I personally love the bone wagon replica. With this being said, it's almost $100 dollars. 


As a bonus, to tie everything together, if you preorder the three games you get a triangular box reminiscent of the DOTT one back in the day:



I think it's a nice extra, but I think that the artwork is so different between the three games that it clashes. Plus it's not clear if this is a bonus of all the editions or just the regular ones, of if they will fit in the box.




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1 hour ago, ThunderPeel2001 said:

I was really disappointed in the iam8bit collector's edition... Cost me £40 ($46) with shipping. I guess it's a lot less than LRG's version though.


I agree, the extras felt pretty cheap. They were just carboard and paper stuff. 




But this was $30 back in the day and comes with more stuff than LRG standar edition that costs $35


What was really cool was iam8bit's vinyl soundtrack:



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Some updates on the triangle box:

  • Either regular editions or collector edition preorders count
  • Game cases won't fit inside the box, since it's based on the original DOTT triangle box dimensions
  • It's not clear if it is a "one per costumer" deal or if you get multiple boxes if you order multple versions of the games
  • Sales made at any point count
  • It will probably ship with the last game (Grim Fandango)



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