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Some new Lucas fangames for the database

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Hi, can I ask the admins to add some game materials to the fangame database? Namely, those are:

1) The DOTT fan sequel A Tentacle Hero by Mats Berglinn (storyline+graphics):


2) MI-inspired game Picaroon: The Lost Years that was formerly Monkey Island: The Lost Years (demo):


3) Legend of Big Whoop by Monkey Arts:


4) Monkey Island Adventure 1 and 2:


5) Maniac Island Hell Party:


6) Maniac Island Trading Card Game:


7) Monkey Island SE 2D:


8 ) Lorraine Threepwood and the Curse of Tafkasomm:


9) Also, I have the old versions of the Maniac Island games that have some significant plot and graphics differences:


Thank you!!!

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On 10/24/2023 at 8:20 AM, AndywinXp said:

Oh god, Maniac Island... this brings me back 😄 the Italian fan game community was flourishing at the time! It was a great time to be on the internet 🙂

I have been thinking for a long time that Italy needs its own analogue of TV Tropes. There are so many local things that are little-known in the Anglosphere (including those MI fangames, and also Tony Tough, Prezzemolo, etc.)

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