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NoClip documentary on Monkey Island

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Wow, incredibly well-made and a great watch. I got a little emotional at certain parts, especially at the end. Even though it's been nearly two years since Return was announced, I still found myself thinking during my watch of the documentary, "I still can't believe we got this Monkey Island after decades." The documentary reminded me just how many things had to go right for Ron and Dave to be able to make this game.


Some overall, scattered thoughts:

  • Even though Ron has since confirmed the Secret in several interviews, it's always great to hear his and Dave's thoughts on it.
    • Also cool to know that Dave also knew the Secret the entire time, all the way back to the development of the first game.
  • Ron's read of "On Stranger Tides" did influence decisions that ultimately got him further from focusing more on the Secret in the first game. That makes perfect sense. It sounds like the Voodoo mythology, LeChuck, and Guybrush were truly born from that read, while the landscape and the Secret itself were always there in Ron's mind during initial conceptualization.
  • I love hearing Dom say, "I will always hope for another, but I think this is the first time I feel comfortable if this was the final one as well." That summarizes my thoughts on Return as well. I loved the game, narrative, themes, and ending so much, that I would be okay if this were the final one.


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