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Ultimate Lightsabre moves?


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Has anyone considered this-

19 Lightsabre moves

Z-Key is Block

Ctrl-Key is Defend



Z-Key=Lightsabre Jab

Ctrl-Key=Lightsabre Front Block


Z+Up=High Attack

Z+Left = Left swing attack

Z+Right= Right Swing Attack

Z+Down=Low swing attack

Z+Left+up=High Left Swing Attack

Z+Left+Down=Low left swing attack

Z+Right+Up=High Right Swing Attack

Z+Right+Down=Low Right Swing Atttack



ctrl+Up=High block

ctrl+Left = Left block

ctrl+Right= Right block

ctrl+Down=Low block

ctrl+Left+up=High Left block

ctrl+Left+Down=Low left block

ctrl+Right+Up=High Right block

ctrl+Right+Down=Low Right block

ctrl+z+down=behind the back block



This would be great because now you can easily choose where your attacks are going to be by just using the keys to decide where to attack and you could block appropiatly also. It would be even better if it were at max 2 hits before you die, you automatically move forward with the correct footwork for every attack or block, and your body automatically adjusts when going up or downhill for easier battles when going up or downhill. What do you think?



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Not automatic like in JK though. Ask anyone who played it, that was just annoying. He didnt block when you wanted him to, and blocked when you didnt want him to. It was totally hopeless and half the time he didnt block.....maybe Kyle just wasnt supposed to be a jedi.

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make block controlable

make single fire as powerful as double fire

more horizontal slashes on primary fire.


have the single fire swing be controled by the movement your making - if your jumping your swing would be a low swing, if your crouching, you try to poke 'em with your saber.


also have your ability to stop every bolt and block every saber strike diminish under times of extreme duress.. of course it'd replenish itself over a period of time.

*that would prevent people that would stand there doing NOTHING but blocking.


and always, acrobatics ability and jump height determined by the force stars allocated to it. maybe even have blocking strength determined by this.

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