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Ji O rules generated a weaker sort of gunners I think.. Oasis NF take packs is the way to go..


I agree. I'm not saying that there aren't Ji O players that aren't capable of being good in "take packs" as well as "leave packs" but people seem to forget that Ji Oasis was created to be a "training level" to train for Canyon Oasis. Those people who only play "leave packs" are missing out on the other great elements of deathmatch. They are under the misconception that the one who holds the Concussion Rifle is the one who wins, when in reality, the one with the best strategy/aim/timing wins.




Most clans are for wusses.


Statements like that are meant only to offend those who are in clans/guilds and to do so is pointless. Showing your bias by insulting clan members by calling them "wusses" doesn't prove anything other than showing that you don't have any evidence to back up your theory. I myself and am in a clan and have been since 1998. I don't understand why being in a clan, makes you a "wuss." I've been studying martial arts and other forms of combat since I was in middle school(am now 21) and doubt very much that I or anyone else with reasonable intelligence would be afraid of a video game or a person that plays against us in a video game.




I wont spend hours trying to better myself or practice certain moves because I know this will bring nothing.


It brings one countless hours of enjoyment/fun. Gaming is considered an escape and a sport by many of us. Did Michael Jordan play Basketball for bragging rights? I would like to think that he did it for fun and for the love of the game. It's inevitable that computer gaming will eventually become a televised sport. We are already seeing "professional gamers" being sponsored by companies such as Gamespy.


Sure, you can brag about it with your friends or people you don't know.


You seem to be generalizing skilled players. There are alot of skilled players that take pride in having nice attitudes in and out of the game. Just because someone is a top player in a particular game, doesn't necessarily mean that they are like the smack-talkers that are the majority.




could it be because it takes more time to get good at NF sabers, since allot more people play this than anything else??


Although you have a valid point, I would have to explain that there are alot of players like myself, who were beating top 25 players on Cases Ladder when we had less than 6 months of JK experience. There are alot of FFers that I can't lay a hand on, even after years of practice. Why all categories of JK take skill, I would argue that some may take more than others, although you could say that this is mere speculation.


Maybe you got good or Elite...lol...at ff guns, ff sabers, cause it was easier for you with allot less competition.


FF is at least as difficult to master as NF. I don't think that there is much of an argument here because of the flood of extra keys and techniques that must be mastered in FF. Again, all categories of JK take skill, people may disagree on how much skill, but there is no hardcore evidence in either argument.


Plus, most people wouldn't take the time to get good at guns in jk, when they can play CT or UT??


There are countless JK NF gunners that could probably go and play Q3 or UT but they stick with JK. I would argue that they do this because of the netcode, because they prefer JK's weapons and because they prefer the SW universe. Q3 and UT are good games, but JK NF guns is nothing like those games(besides that fact that you must aim to hit something).


Maybe you chose to get good at guns in JK cause there was too much competition in other games like UT and CT???


There is good competition in all categories of every game. There are alot of hardcore NF gunners in JK and even those hardcore JK gunners of the past have gone on to be good gunners in other games. I wouldn't assume that new games such as UT have better competition, they just have "more" competition, because of the player population differences.


as far as Most of the players wanted to play sabers, ff or nf...this alone makes it impossible to dominate jk, or jko.


True. The only way to "dominate" a game would be to have the top players in all categories of that game. To ignore some categories while playing others, is anything but "dominaton."


I myself think of games as a sport. There are thousands of clans that think in this same way. They are the clans that compete on ladders and in tournaments. Some of us play for the love of competition while enjoying the benefits of comradery and some play for just fun alone. Either way, people should play for whatever reason they want and shouldn't be made to feel inferior because of their choice. I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer at the moment, but eventually I will be working 40 hours a week and going to school full time and won't have the time to be a hardcore gamer anymore. I would like to think that I would still be respected as a casual gamer, in the same way that I was as a hardcore gamer. It's all about fun. Choose how you want to have fun and stick with it, but realize that alot of us are in clans because we find it "fun" not because we want to brag about our skills.

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I've been studying martial arts and other forms of combat since I was in middle school(am now 21) and doubt very much that I or anyone else with reasonable intelligence would be afraid of a video game or a person that plays against us in a video game.


And what does that have to do with most of the whiny chumps that form clans? The ones where I get the beg boot from games because that think I am cheating, when in fact they can't play the game and I am just kick them across the map. I don't cheat, I don't see the need for it.


I don't expect anyone to be scared of me. It's only a vidiot game, and any chumps opinions don't need a shred of evidence to back them up, just personal experence.


Don't get me wrong, there are a few (very very few) clans that seem ok, (MERC (sp?)comes to mind)but I am still not interested in them.


Clans don't make you elite. Skill makes you elite. And blow hards are ineveitable full of air. Someone needs to bring them down, and I volinteer.


Any other points you need me to clarify?


Any buddy?

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Great counter thoughts to my post ReActer, and I agree with most of the statements, as we are on the same page...I was basically stating a point, in various different ways.

Althgouh I do not play in a clan, I think beeing part of a clan, or a team, is great for those who enjoy it. However, from my experiance, most clan memebers seem to think that since they are in a clan,only memebers of there clan or other clans have skill and are worthy opponents or hardcore gamers. Its almost like they join a clan just for the notiriety, and stature( i dont want to include all clan members under this statement, I'm just pointing out the higher percentage, or majority) The funny side of this, most clan members also sign on with names that don't have their clan name associated with them, so they can play in a relaxed game with indivdual or non clan members. And I completely agree with you about there being allot of competition in all formats of play, and that it takes equal amount of skill and dedication to be good at what you do..I was just simply stating that, based on fact, there would be more hardcore, or higher skilled players( just cause more play) in nf Sabers than say FF guns, and so on. Meaning, since there are multiple options to play JK, it would be easier to achieve stature in the less frequently played formats. And I agree that ToRment and other players may play JK guns, for there own personal reasons, but to make a statment that NF Sabers is weak, or takes less skill because of lag and other reasons, simply leads me to belive he has a little hostility towards this format, since he has acheived more with guns. As I have told ToRment numerous times, his preference are his prefernce and he should do what makes him happy. However, making bold statmements with out justiying them, simply leaves him vulerable to intellegent deabte.....Your comments all around though were great, and intellegently spoken....



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Thanks for clarifying your view. It seems that you just didn't choose the right word when you used "wusses". Generally people use the word "wuss", "wussy" or "wussie" as a replacement for the rhyming word that is a part of the female anatomy. That just implied to me that you were saying that either clanners were a part of the female anatomy, or that they were somehow less of a man because they are in a clan. Again, thanks for clarifying.

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"If you dont have the link, ask a WD for it on the zone. Unless we know you and you have a rep among the elites, Ill delete your post"


This statement pretty much somes it up, in terms of unparralled egotistic behavior...Unless we know you??? If you have a rep among the elites?? If you haven't heard of someone, that means they are not "Worthy" or welcome....god help you....you should be carefull of the way you portray yourself, as you never know who your talking to....


"There is a topic on the WD board that you (good players

chewie, his way of thinking is derived from the sad state of the JK community. its so small that its hard to be good and NOT known.

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Guest Kurgan

Glad to see people starting to use the Clan Recruiting board! Best of luck on all your future ventures.


However, I will say that I find it amusing that anybody here is claiming they know who is going to be good at JK2.


In all truth and honesty, nobody can say they will be good at it, until the game has been released and people have had time to practice and learn the new stuff. There WILL be many new things, it won't be identical to JK/MotS or Quake3.


The trickle of information from Raven/LEC we've been getting has been making this point more and more clear, as I see it.


Obviously, there is still a lot we don't know about the MP gameplay, and until each of us gets hands-on, we can't begin to start to master the new challenges.


Yes basic FPS skills will I'm sure have some effect, but even in the case of MotS, I remember "elite" JKers having to learn new stuff (and many of them getting frustrated because they weren't automatically dominating MotS games like they had JK), myself included.


So my advice is, go ahead and form up your ranks now if you want to, but leave the trash talking and bragging (about future and potential key word here, victories) until you can actually meet on the servers.


Incidentally, I would not join a clan, unless it were something like the "official/unofficial" JK2.net clan/group idea that was suggested some time ago.


My reasons being, not that I am not a good player, or cannot be, but that I like to play a variety of game types, I like to play with different people, and I am not so caught up in "our group is the best/has to be the best/win at all costs" type of attitude that I think (unfortunately) many clans have. The image they project to me is of a group of people who can't enjoy themselves unless they were constantly crushing and insulting their opponents.


I'm not saying there is anything wrong with enjoying competition. Obviously that has a place and is very enjoyable for a good many players, myself included. I just think that when this becomes the only goal, without admitting that no one is so good that they will never ever lose (there is always somebody potentially better or luckier than you), that it hurts their's and others enjoyment of the game. I hate playing against sore losers or people who non-stop trash talk when they win.


Maybe I have given an unfair assesment of clanners in general, but unfortunatley I've seen a lot of it in the JK community in the past (which is probably not something unique to the JK community either). I've known a few clans that were good groups that encouraged each other to get better and were good competition, but at the same time had good sportsmanship. It were these types of groups that made me proud to be part of the online JK community.


Sorry for the rant.. and good luck! ; )




[ August 06, 2001: Message edited by: Kurgan ]

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Guest Kurgan

One other thing I forgot to mention, is on the issue of "ganging up" (ie: having an "alliance" with another player in a "free for all" game).


Personally I can't condemn this practice, because I've done it myself, and I've had it done on me (and I didn't complain).


Maybe it takes less skill than beating everyone on your own to dominate a game, I admit that. Of course not everyone works as a good team.


In fact, it was actually quite fun in most cases, where somebody was REALLY GOOD and a friend and I worked together to try to defeat him (along with the other participants of course).


On other occasions when I was joining a game, I noticed that I was the best player there, so when the other players were getting discouraged, I suggested that they team up against me (which they agreed to readily). And this is what I often do even when I am not the host.


I think that in either of these cases, it is alright to do, but it's probably not for everyone. The host of the game has the final say (which I think it ultimately comes down to anyway on the issue of game rules). If the people joining don't like it, they can find another game or host their own, etc.




[ August 06, 2001: Message edited by: Kurgan ]

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all im gona say is this...JK2 is a NEW game with new dynamics and a new way of things...just because you were king in Q2 doesnt mean you'll be king in Q3...in fact those of us who play Q3 rather than JK or UT will be alot more familiar with the game dynamic than anyone else...so about this "super Clan"...all im gona say is ill see you guys out there... ;)

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i starting playing jedi knight awhile back in like mid 98. i started out as NF sabers because it was the moajority of games on the zone. i did the newbie thing drifted from clan to clan for awhile until i joined "The Ancients". i joined right before the peak of taht clan, and really i had no idea what a clan should be before that. we had so much fun on t he zone, i can honestly say i played and enjoyed doing so with nearly all of the 40+ members at one time or another. it was a great clan, some of the most fun ive had in jedi knight, and its where i learned my basic gunning skills and some FF. when i see people degrading clans in general, it sort of makes me mad. you cant just state "clans are dumb" or something to that effect. it really depends on the clan, especially when you get to clans that are at the upper levels of the game (not implying ancient was :p ). ancient fell apart after a year and a half (about 8 months after i joined). i really drifted from TeK to NK then i went on a hiatus from JK for a few months for personal reasons. when i returned i started playing pickup NF guns games with some of my old pals that where still around, and i met HDK_Deathbolt (he be da man!! :)).

we played some FF bgj teams games, along with just hanging out on the zone. i was also good friends with hdk_gresuf and sheff. soon i was in HDK and honing my NF guns and FF guns skills. this game is like nothing else, and it makes me very nostalgic to think of it being too much differant in JK2. i know many of us (including myself) strive to be in the elite group of players online. well, what im trying to say is that when i was in Ancient, it was like my have fun newbie days, just messing around and having good times with online buds. but, when i was in hdk (still am :D ), it was like my days of striving to get good and be one of the elite players on the zone. and really, those are the two types of players posting here. the have-funs and the competitives. between my have-fun days with ancient, and my competetive days with hdk, i can honestly say i enojyed them both nearly the same, but in very differant ways. there is no right or wrong to this game, it is defanetly IMHO the best game of all time. i hope to expierence the best of both worlds in JK2, whether it be on my own, in a JK2 elite superclan, or just with a group of buds messing around online. if raven can recreate that kind of versatility and fun, i will be more than satisfied. ant btw i hope its on the zone :) i know it wont be but still.. zone is unmatched in community.. well that is my post.

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Guest Kurgan

True enough.. you really can't know if you're going to be good at JK2 until you've put in the time and practice to get good (after it comes out).


After all, the people who played JK/MotS might have an idea of the force/saber, although it will be different in JK2, and the lag will be different. Plus the weapons will be different.


People who play Q3/Q3:TA/ST:Elite Force may be familiar with the network model, but they won't be with the force and sabers or the new weapons.


General FPS skills may help you learn how to fight with the guns quicker than somebody who is new to FPS games, and using sabers might come quicker to those who are familiar with using melee weapons in games like JK and Rune. And using Force powers may come quicker to those JKers, but you're right: it's a whole new ball game.


So nobody will be completely prepared, and nobody will be an automatic master, we'll all just have to learn together, then we'll see who's "elite."


Celestial, good to see you again. How many name changes have you gone through?


Let me count some of the ones I think I remember, correct me if I'm wrong:


Osyrus Kenobi

at least two others before that



PS: About the Zone, I hope it's NOT there, personally, as the Zone had some of the worst slowest, buggiest software and the poorest moderation I'd ever seen. The only reason it was good for JK was because it was the ONLY official place to play JK. Microsoft and LEC had a deal, and the only other places to play were very small and unofficial by comparison.


It wasn't until basically this year that you saw GameSpy Arcade add JK/MotS and start up a second place to play, but last I checked it was still very small in comparison to the Zone (maybe 1-5% of the games being played online).


Wherever the players go, that is the community, doesn't matter where you build it, so long as you build it. I just want to have a choice where to play, that's all.




[ August 11, 2001: Message edited by: Kurgan ]

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Guest Celestial







its because everyone had Osyrus in other games, but hardly anyone used Celestial. : /


forgive me? :p

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Guest Kurgan

Yeah that always sucks, there's a couple of folks on my list who've changed names so much, I don't even remember how I know them.. ; p



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Guest Kurgan

Doubtfull, because the powers in Rune are very different from those in JK/MotS and those purported to be in JK2.


In Rune, except for the blood lust pickup (just a damage enhancer, like the Quad damage from Quake fame), and the health pickup (just your generic "mega health"), all of the runes are enhancements for your WEAPONS. That is, if you're carrying the Sigurd Axe, and you use the Rune power, it turns it into an Ice Axe temporarily. If you chuck the weapon or switch to another, the effect ends.


So being good at Rune probably wouldn't have any bearing on you being good at JK2 (in theory), except for some basic third person sword fighting tactics.



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Ahh the ancients now there was a good group of guys.. I myself was retiring from JK about the time the ancients came about but they did invite me to join but since I had played so much in the past I was ready to move on to other things. I will be glad to see a good group of NF saberists like ancient spring up in the future. BTW what was your ancient name? I may know you since I have fought with some of you guys b4.



I think the idea of Uber clans is a little dumb though ... GOD wasnt an uber clan by any means but I defeated many good players from many clans Ancients, merc, element, WaR, and WD included in those. Just because you are a member of an uber guild doesnt mean there aren't better players out there .. some of the best players I have ever played remained guildless.


[ August 16, 2001: Message edited by: GOD_Soul_Star ]

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This is all very funny. This was origionaly posted in the main discussion as an invitation to the true hardcore JKers. It was moved, and every newbie had to put his/her 2 cents into a topic with was none of his/her buisness, as the origional intent excluded the many.


There are only 2 or 3 people on this topic that I respect as FFers. It was funny to read the the things that come out of a newbie mind though lol.


BTW, It doesn't matter how long you've played JK. I've encountered people who have played for years and still haven't a clue. I was raping longtimers into the negs after only a few months. What matters is what you know and what attitude you possess.

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