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JK2 Superclan


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Everyone starts from scratch yes? Well there are certain people who will be the ones who discover all the tricks, tactics, what works and what doesn't for JK2 (MaReZ, Shinji, Luke18...). Most likely, these people will be the same ones who did it in JK.


Sure these guys may find some tricks but unless they are familiar with the q3 engine i extremely doubt that (barr shinji). They will allready be at a disavntage for not knowing any circular strafing or long jumping or even how to move properly. They will be liek all people who start q3... moving horribly.


An empire of all the best players from JK1 is still a cool idea though hehe.


Yes it is but dont count on them... personally i think the DH, MERC and IRN guys will cain everyone as tehy were the best in their day at JK and know Q3 inside and out. These dsbr and wd people know JK but they dont know Q3.


Ya just read what DB said...your 100% right.


This is all very funny. This was origionaly posted in the main discussion as an invitation to the true hardcore JKers. It was moved, and every newbie had to put his/her 2 cents into a topic with was none of his/her buisness, as the origional intent excluded the many.


statements like this torment truly show your inexperience with large groups of people and why your elite group will not succeed. You can count on may people purposely opposing this and teh people in it if they are goign to be so arrogant and think themselves as god. Currently it is a level playing field where you sit evenly with someone who has never played JK or q3. Everyone is entitle to post on this thread...if you dont want peoples opinions then dont post here.


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yub, q3s jumps were toggleable, and not just bugs as original, they could be turned off in mods. raven might opt to turn them off in jo.. I hope not, as I love trick jumps.

I can't remember if EF had them switched on.. I didnt get into it properly but that might be an indication.


As for the people who will do best, my money is on old jkers who changed to q2 and q3..

like one of my mates at uni, who used to be high up on nf sabs ladders, but moved to q3.

I've dabbled with the quakes, but appart from learning to trick jump and lan games haven't played seriously online, tho I intend to play more, when I get round to it..

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Yes a few mods have turned off the depth of movement in q3 which in my opinion is Q3's best attribute. If Raven keep the movement the same as VQ3 then you can count on what i said happening. I know a lot of extremely good players in q3 that still have shocking movement but can still beat 80% of the q3 community.


1 of the mods out there for Q3 has an older style of movement which some belive to be the bee's knees and others who think it is terrible. The promode movement though can really distinguish players though. If you are an expert mover in VQ3 then it will take you a while to get the promode movement down perfect as well as all teh bunny hops and the new jumps you can do on each map by exploiting the movement.


Personally i hope JK sticks to the VQ3 movement and leaves the older q2 cpma movement models behind as i think they would be 2 fast for accurate saber battles and are only good for small maps.

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mm Q3s jump dynamics is what made me play if first.. where as before I was playing ut more.. but it just adds another dimension..

I would like them to keep them on, however the use of them might not be extremely useful if force speed is the same as in jk.. I doubt you would have the room to build up the speed..

also the force might be reason for them to turn them off, as they may think the force is where the intresting dynamics should come from instead..


Personally I prefered q2s jump dynamics to q3s, double jumps were great, and it always seemed easier to bunny hop in for me.

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Clans, IMO, are mainly based on attitude. If you don't like clans, that is your attitude and opinion. There is no reason for all this back and forth crap. Still that is my opinion.


Myself, I stuck to Kali and had a lot of fun when people from the Zone came to challenge us to NF sabers. They were slaughtered for the most part.


Plus, I have a friend who was in WD (WD_HTML i believe his nick was). He is one of the nicest people you could meet, and he did an excellent training people.

I also have a friend who was in DSBr (DSBr_combo).

Also a friend who was in MERC (MERC_Patwar)


Clans can be "elite". As long as they provide more fun than you would have on your own. (which I believe to be a lot more, especially in the case that you know people you can game with).


Saying you don't like clans = fine.


Insulting other clans = idiotic.


Side Note: If Oasis is not in JK2, then myself or another mapper will most likely map it themselves.




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Despite many offers I always stayed clanless, simply cause when I was "growing up" I made many friends from all over.

where as people who had seemingly been friendly to other players, got very insulting to people who joined a rival clan.

that seem completely stupid so I decided to stay out of it all, although It would prolly have helped my play a lot if I had joined, it just seemed to much hassle..


where is HTML at now? I havent seen him since he was a she :) (well so someone told me he was a she after (s)he left the zone, tho I always thought html was a bloke.. might have just been bs. tho I never saw him/her again to ask.)


As for stating you will be building CO, well I would wait, if the dynamics of jk2 are significantly different you might end up spoiling the level, I always thought the conversion for mots was annoying as hell, it never felt right, the water and stuff..

my personal view is to leave Oasis as a classic of gaming back in jk, where it plays perfectly.. and get on to new pastures.

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Originally posted by -WD- ToRMeNt:

<STRONG>LOL You didn't know WD_HTML very well. HTML was a her not a him.</STRONG>



Have you ever met him off the computer?

I have never met a girl with the name of Peter.


As for where HTML is now, he was helpin me with a bunch of things on Kali, and now once again dissapeared into the devilish world of Everquest as a guide.


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I quite like the idea of a jk2 superclan because then u could c the best of the original game and the only probs would be there would be no rivalry in other clans probably if dsbr and WD join cause they kick ass, it would cause of the other guys to **** emselves and not play yous and hten u would have no-one to play it with but otherwise it's a good idea...... And after that (we/u whatever u pick)would show them This Game aint for pussies!!

And as for being so big headed, being big headed gives u strengh so i would be but i'm 2 modest :) (not really) and what about BSBRampage..... He was good

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Elite is a word that, interestingly enough, people label themselves or their clanmates as. That, my friends, is sheer arrogance. If you need to label yourself and your friends, then you have some personal identity problems. If you're going to go around doing that, why don't you just walk around the streets of your home town and point to yourself saying "rich" or "handsome"? There's always someone out there whpo has an advantage over you in that one area you brag about. It's the entire package that makes you an individual, not a label.

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i would be interested in joining torment, i havent played jk in a while though i was in a clan called dsa when i did play but they broke up, anyways jk2 will be completely different from the original so people's skill levels will dramatically change, my friend matt might want to join as well...last i knew his name was (??)_droors i forgot the clan name he is in now

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Would that have been DSbr_Droors? I knew him and I think we did a WD vs DSbr battle once(THINK it was Me/Gambit vs Droors/some other dsbr and we won) WD and DSbr have always been the top FF clans and rivals. Anyways the superclan idea had died down a bit do to some conflicts within the competative JK community, which is almost non existant now anyway.


DSbr is more or less dead now but WD lives on. We were friends and not just team mates. Once you actually join you'll find WDs to be great people, but we arn't always so respectfull to unknowns.


Anyway we've already had some old time WD legands come back to the clan/get active again (Prodigy, Rage, Gambit, Luke18 and others). Granted our overall activity has slumped just like every other jk clan, but when JK2 comes out...


We do live with the possibility that JK2 will suck and/or be newbie. It won't matter because Unreal2 will be out at about the same time. Q4 and Doom will be out in about and year as well.



If ur intrested check out www.wdonline.com. Also we have #wdonline at irc.enterthegame.com. We only recruit JK members who are expert. We except members in UT and rogue spear who arn't expert though. For U2 and JK2 we'll recruit based on potential. Course, when JK2 and UT2 have been around for a while it'll be a lot harder to get into WD for those games.


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