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JK2 Superclan


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the superclan would have never happened.. too many experts(now retired) remember the days of when there was more than 2 ff clans, and the old phrase, "WD newbies" would always come to mind. they wouldn't join something that bears the name 'WD'. WD was looked down upon 2 years ago..


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This will proberbly piss a few jkers off but if it does then tough ****.


First off some of you jkers have it set in ya head that you will rule jk2, now ok you might be a good clan or player in jk2, but, there will be new clans coming through that will proberbly make it big.


Persoanlly i think yes there will be a few jk clans from past that will be big in jk2, proberbly DSbr, WD and JaG maybe, but ruleing out the Mots clans is totally stupid. Just coz alot of the jkers hated the mots players or disliked mots in general dosn't mean the big mots clans won't shine through in jk2.


For example i know for a fact if DIK (dedicated intelligent knights) decided to move onto jk2, they without a doubt are gonna be one of the clans to beat, as they were almost unstoppable at mots. Also you can't rule out clans like NBK, or my clan GDS who were also amoung the best mots produced, there are other clans like 435, GI, JOTS who might also make an impact if they decided on playing the game.


In my own personal opinion yes jk had some damn good players don't get me wrong, coz i played jk a fair bit myself, but mots best players were as good as the jkers belive me. Mots had some of the best FF players the zone will eva see, mots ff was as hard if not harder than jk ff, bearing in mind you had twice the amount of forces to use at any one time and about 5 or 6 good ff levels to choose from. If a jk player had challenged a good mots FF player in mots, then they woulda gotten badly whooped and of course that goes for a mots player challenging a jker. I think jk definantly had the betta nf gunners, no doubts there, in mots howeva some of the soldiers (pers) were extremerly good and i know for a fact that although a jker could use a conc rifle betta than a mots player, a mots player could use a rail gun and therms far betta than a jker.


My final point being the jkers shouldn't get too far ahead of themselves thinking their gonna be the outstanding force in jk2, coz the mots players will be right there with them, maybe not quite as many but still more than enough to make a huge impact. I'm gonna have to say though that the mots and jk players will have the advantage over any Q3 players who move into jk2, for the simple reason that we will be able to adapt to using force much quicker than them.


Ok thats my say, peace!

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I remain skeptical of any JK(or MotS :p) Clan that hasn't already proven its ability to be able to move from one game to another and play with that game as equals to the players already indigenous to that game or game series.


I apologize if the conversations occuring in this thread has left you feeling slighted Vaporz, and I agree that MotS has produced some of the finer players that have graced the dark forces series, but its foolish to say 'i know for a fact' until you've actually played the game.


The only thing one can really be relatively certain is that if this game is true to the common fpser style of game, is that the people who have grasped the base 'run 'n' gun' concepts of first-person shooters will have an easier time pioneering and developing strategies to play the game.


On the other hand, FF[alot of which is purely 'instinctual' reactions(i.e. you see a opponent and u grip him in less than a second automatically)] players may intially have trouble breaking with these automatic reactions in the face of something that old force tactics won't apply successfully to.


I'd place my money on those who have played JK then moved on to Quake 3 successfully, and maybe played EF succssfully on the competitive field(I have never played EF, but I would think Raven would design JK2 to play simliarly to EF).


ed- correcting slight comprehensibility problems.


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Here's my 2 cents worth.


I'm not fond of superclans. What happens is that you end up with 1 or 2 clans that can actually compete against each other. All of the other clans get stomped.


I play in an EliteForce (QuakeIII based game)clan. We played in the league and ended up in the middle of the standings. There is now only one clan that dominates. This clan recruited the best members from all of the other clans. Many players deserted just so they can say that they belong to that clan.


The problem I have with this is that it destroyed the league. Even though there are plenty of clans playing EF the league is less 3 clans and it looks like it's going to fold. Now the only thing the super clan can do for competition is play against it's self.


Everyone knows it would be best for league play to have the talent spread out.


So WD ToRMenT and the rest of you superclaners, go ahead and creat your [sC]Superclan...I hope a JK2 league can survive it.


"Beware of my DarkSide"


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People, it is difficult to say that JK players or MotS players will be better than the other at JKII, since none of us really knows what the game will be like. Will it be similar to JK/MotS? Likely. Will it be identical to either JK/MotS in gameplay? Unlikely.


What is probably fair to say is that both JK and MotS players will have somewhat of an advantage over people who have never played JK/MotS simply because their minds have been conditioned into thinking beyond mere weapons, but to include the Force into their tactics and longer-term strategies.


Let's be honest - there was a significant learning curve in JK/MotS for FPS players in grasping the creative ways that the Force could be used to one's advantage, or to another's disadvantage. And unfortunately many gamers were never able to reach the summit of this mountain - the eureka moment when most of us, for lack of a better term, became one with the Force.


This is how most of us will benefit from our past experience. Will there be a new learning curve for us to learn JKII? Count on it. But for those of us who are accustomed to thinking in terms of the Force, what may be a mountain to beginners, will likely be a moderate hill for the rest of us.


Comparisons between how JK players will be at JKII versus MotS players is baseless, in my opinion, merely appearing as empty boasting.

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I have never played Jedi Knight multiplayer seriously. I do have loads of experience with Unreal Tournament. I was a UT CTF player in one of Europe's top clans, so that should (or should not ;)) say something.


I tried to understand the concept of Jedi Knight 2 and I think it will be controlled by the people who have excellent movement and aiming skills, rather then the spamming, crawling/hiding/camping, trick/bug exploiting players that I have witnessed in most other games including Jedi Knight. Jedi Knight will probably be pure. Or at least I hope so.


About clans.. I'm probably gonna revive my UT clan and add a division to it. Don't have it all worked out though, but I think an already existing clan with organisation and a working website (Im a web programmer as hobby) is a good base.

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BigE, welcome to the forums.


With regard to your statement that JKII will be primarily based on aiming and movement, I have to conditionally disagree. While that will certainly play an important part, even more important will be the ability to devise creative uses of the various Force powers. In Jedi Knight, a skill Jedi armed primarily with a lightsaber and the Force could typically defeat an equally skilled non-Jedi armed with ranged weapons. However, it remains to be seen whether this will hold true for JKII. Assuming that the gameplay is similar, then I would expect that creativity and adaptability will play a more important than merely aiming and movement skills.

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Welcome BigE

I have to agree with Vag

You obviously didnt play JK mp seriously if you think that movement and aiming will make the best players of JK2


The force and the saber was what made JK stand aside from the rest of the FPSs, and they were a great deal in mp

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Big E,


:fett: I will be very suprised if the JKII play anything like JK. The new game will probably play more like Quake III. In fact, I suggest you try out StarTrek Voyager EliteForce. This game is based on the same Quake III engine that JKII will be running on.


I'm not sure how they are going to manage the Jedi Knight powers. I'm sure it will be based on some mod that is currently in use. The Light Sabres will be very interesting though.




I also play UT alot. If you are truely a good player you should have no problem with JKII


Check out our clan site at: http://www.theempireclan.com



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hey everyone, ok i have this awesome idea. Ok, as most of you know im a mega elite JK player, im soo elite that it blows my mind somtimes! My clan goes by the name 'Dungboyz'. ANYONE whos anyone in JK knows who we are. So anyways, on with my ultra mega elite idea. Now as you all know the Dungboyz messageboard is home to all the top JK players, so read it. I really dont like repeating myself. It was my idea to murge Dungboyz w/ or friends, Twisted Insane Jedi's from Hell (TIJH).... to make like a SUPERCLAN! omg! where do i come up with these elite ideas..... Only the super duper elite players can join... if you're Elite, and i mean like SUper elite heh.... you can tryout.


btw, im 8yrs old but it doesnt matter because im elite and i can woop your arse.
















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I'm not sure how they are going to manage the Jedi Knight powers. I'm sure it will be based on some mod that is currently in use.


Yeah right.....


hey everyone, ok i have this awesome idea. Ok, as most of you know im a mega elite JK player, im soo elite that it blows my mind somtimes!

Didn't u get beat off Phoenix? and nightmarez.... and Hulicagationi[ofgn[o i can't type it.

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I noticed you took a quote from my last post regarding my thoughts on how Jedi Powers were going to be used in the new JK2 game. I'm not sure what message you are trying to get across....please help me understand where you are coming from.:)




:fett: [TE]NuForce[OO]

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My word, a thread to end all threads!


Here's my two cents (in dimes) --


I agree that JKII, chances are folks, will play more like Q3 or probably Elite Force than JK. Simple truth: Mario 64 plays more like any other 64 game than it does Mario Bros. for Atari. Face it. As for who's going to be best at it--yeah you've got those with practice, but a whole new generation is a comin'.


Me? I'm 22. Big Jedi Knight fan, but I've burned the past two years with Half-Life, Counterstrike, and Day of Defeat. I think I'll be pretty durned good at JKII to be honest, but I'm sure there will be those who piss me off. I also realize that there are going to be first generation 7-year-olds who pick up on it A LOT quicker than I do because they're not bound to all the old and different controls like I am. Simple truth: 30-year-old Q3 lamers and 7-year-olds learning to write in cursive will both kick my arse off and hand it to me. I still intend to be quite good (crosses fingers), but folks, skill comes from all directions, sometimes leastmost from the same place as before.


When I was in PJE, dude, we had all kinds, and it was cool. We didn't all kick butt. Some of us were newbies that sucked, but it was almost like a pseudo-reality mentorship kinda thing, and it was cool. We did a lot of Sabers NF because we enjoyed it, not because it was better one way or the other. It's called opinions, ya know, preferences--we all got'em and they're all different. Anyhow, the sabers were different from anything prior, really, so it was a nice change of pace.


As for NF, I just got irritated when Force Destruction would get shoved up my rectum by some monkey who figured out how to point his mouse within 180 degrees of me. For those who can wield it, cool. But I have every right to remove that element of the game if I value another that pleads no contest to it, as much as they have the right to keep it in. My opinion was that it was a bit too strong a power. I also recognize, however, that if there was a "force-kill-everyone-else-that's-playing-instantly" power, there would still be those who defend with, "you just don't know how to use it good," as their argument.


Se la vi.

Different strokes, it takes, different strokes, it takes, different strokes to move the world yes it does.


-The Great and Mighty Pants.


PS: The lesson for the day is Sportsmanship. If no one was ever a biotch, then there wouldn't be a problem to begin with. Food for thought.


PPS: I got it, Malice! I got it!

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So here's my two cents, or would that be two pennies?

Who cares?


Now then - eliteists - common phrase, usually refering to a 14 year old snot nosed brat who stays up until 5 am hitting that deadly sight button, giggling all night long in his pokemon pyjamas.


The whole clan thing sucked anyway. So you get a prefix, get loads of other pre-pubescent brats to do the same and start a zone table called "Elite tryouts". Whoop de doo.


Yeah so I've been in clans too, but we actually did something for the members - training (it's all about the padawans!). Tournaments that worked and awards that actually happened.


WD now have a name in the zone,well done! I'm sure the fact that most decent JK players moved onto other things didn't have anything to do with your rise to fame (snort).


Not that any of you could put up a good challenge, you belong back with all those FF7 and FF8 garden clans out there. LOL on your homestead pages.


Atleast DSBr Sith lord and so forth gave me a good fight when I needed one.

But you're Eliteists right?

I agree with you Torment, that a more community based Multiplayer system would be better. Being able to see familiar names running around on the zone was all good, and taking them on again and again to see who had improved was all good too.


But check it out - when you start playing Outcast, guess what, all those young innocent movie star wannabies who wanna get their kicks from being a Jedi and don't have a clue, who all piled into Nar Shaddar on zone - will be the same as you.




So get over it.


Letalis and Poopypants, you've got the right idea. :cool:


Malice, you crack me up. Can I join? :D


See you all on JO.


Kodaichi Kuno


Formally Lev_Kelly

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You get a 1 cent rebate :D very nicely said, I think everyone will be a newbie even if it is based off Quake 3, did they have lightsabers in Quake 3? I don't think so. There can't be anyone good or even somewhat until you've just played the game for even a minute.

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What does that really mean?



My god ive heard WLP call themselves a superclan atleast 50 times. When you really fight them its like a knife through butta... lol they suck worse then anyone i know of.


Then you have your clans like Quest... all of them elite but there are not 2 many of them.


The closest ive ever seen too a superclan was WD a few years they had Death, Luke18, Reiko, Honor, Nightmarez and atleast 50 more all of them elite...


So IMHO you must have a good amount of quaility players ( atleast 15 ) before you are really a superclan.

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2 many words used here....


Elite Clan!


Super Clan!!


Shiznat Clan!!!




The truth is that we will all have a new game to play with and skills from other games will help yes, but there will be no such thing as a SUPER clan for a while.


I always thought there were Great clans Average Clans and Sucky clans.


Would a Super clan be better than a great clan?? Is a Super clan super because they beat everyone or because they are super guys??


All your base are belong to us??




"pass me a banana!":D

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