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Guest ChrisC3po

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If nothing else we need to take out how the intro says that rebellion and fc were failures. That's not really the case, Rebellion was an awesome strategy game, just not what everyone expected. Maybe Fc was not a great game, but I'm sure LEC wouldn't like us calling it a failure =)



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One small thing is bugging me. In the link to the forum, the stormtrooper's arm is a bit black. I fixed that on the logo. If anybody could send me (webgug@home.com) the original files with layers. I can fix it as soon as possible.


Also, I have been getting a lot of Shell32.dll errors. I'm trying to correct it. Sorry if I am on and off on ICQ non stop.

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Guest Sherack Nhar

Hi guys, I'm the newest member here. Glad to be aboard!


Chris asked me to write a small intro for GalacticBattles.com, so here it is:


In the past, Lucasarts Entertainment Company has been known to deliver somewhat lacking RTS games. Previous efforts like Rebellion and Force Commander contributed to this reputation. Because of their mediocre interface, these games couldn't reach the majority of Star Wars gamers, let alone the entire gaming community. But with Star Wars: Galactic Battleground, that is about to change.


First, LEC partnered with Ensemble Studios, an excellent RTS developer. They will provide their Age of Empire 2 engine and technical support for this game, so Lucasarts won't have to worry about tech issues like FoCom. Instead, they will be able to concentrate on what they do best: an enthralling storyline and mission design. The game will feature six civilisations (Naboo, Wookiees, Rebel Alliance, Galactic Empire, the Trade Federation, and the Gungans) and six campaigns. In order to bring a Star Wars feel to the game, we will have missions on Hoth, Tatooine, Bespin and other well-known locales. Expect an Age of Empire with Star Wars units and settings. Will this game break Lucasarts "RTS Curse"? Only time will tell, and that time will come in Fall of 2001.

I also emailed it to Chris since he wasn't online at the time of this writing.

So, tell me what you think about it!

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