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Grand Theft Auto 3


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Ok, the first time I played this I walked up to an intersection where a few cars were stopped at a red light.


I heard two thugs yelling crude remarks from down the block.


Next thing I know the thugs run right by me to the first car in the intersection, opened the door, pulled the unsuspecting driver out of his vehicle, and proceeded to beat the living daylights out of this poor guy with baseball bats. I couldn't believe it. :eek:


I knew right then and there I was about to experience something very unique.... :)


I haven't really played any of the missions yet, just messin around,heh. But the missions I have tried seemed very interesting.


Carmaggeddon 2 may be more bloody and gruesome, but Grand Theft Auto is just pure EVIL.


Not that it's a bad thing. But this game is not for the young, serious, or weak-hearted.


This game is near perfect in almost every aspect.


The city is huge and very vesatile. When you're running around you really feel immersed in the world.


Control is flawless, although I do find the camera to be a little cumbersome at certain times, but nothing major at all, hardly a problem.


Graphics are solid. Car damages are very realistic.


I like the step forward this game is making. You can basically do ANYTHING you want except go into buildings (except a few).I've never felt such freedom in a game.


The only real problem I have with this game is the Police are not too bright at times. You can cut them off at 50 mph, and they won't even care. I was beating a few gangbangers with a bat, a cop drove by no more than 2 feet away, and din't even slow down,lol.


All in all, one of the best games ever, hands down. 9.5 out of 10

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I got the game in my ps2 as I write this. Its a pretty good game, From a tech view. I just think that it is way Adult, Shoot I dont think some adults should play it.


Though it is kinda fun grabbing any car you want and running the streets with it.


I even pulled a cop out of his car and took off, but he manged to get a couple of rounds out of his gun before I sped away.



Yeah I am still sick but I am working on it.

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