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Guest Krayt Tion

Okay. FYI, I'm supposed to be on leave these days while I attend to some personal matters that require most of my attention. You only see me stop by from time to time because I can't resist. ;) For at least the next month you should contact GonkH8r or Kurgan directly should you have any really pressing problems or questions. But I'll handle these particular issues in depth now so things are clear.


Agen_Terminator: While we don't want to be too limiting to the creative freedoms of those on the boards, we have to draw the line at some point on some basic levels like image signature size.


I'm sure most of you are aware of this but for those who aren't: large signature images and other excessively large images that are posted often require too much scrolling for users on the lower-end resolution spectrum.


We don't have any official, exact signature image size specifications, but a good rule of thumb to use for now is this: Any sig image that takes up about half a page (by height) at 1024x768 or most of the page at 800x600 is way too big. 1024x768 has only recently replaced 800x600 as the prefered desktop/web-browsing resolution for most people. Since we want this site to be good for as many gamers as possible, we need to respect the browsing experience of the low-end users.


If a sizable amount of users complain about the signature image it might also have to be reduced/removed.


That being said, please resize or crop your signature picture, Agen. The windows-supplied Paintshop should crop for you, and a good free image resizer/cropper/compressor can be found here. You'll have to host your resized image somewhere yourself, but that is okay since you shouldn't be offsite image linking anyways (although that currently isn't against forum policy as far as I'm aware).


Spamming, Post Counts, Etc.:


Things tied to post counts are here for fun. However, some posters like aquiring things like titles while others could completely care less. The solution is simple, really- just respect the right of the other person to specify their preference if it comes up in discussion.


If you are one of those who couldn't give a Flying Hutt about titles or post counts, please feel free to ignore such things, but at the same time don't put down users who enjoy the title system.


The same goes for people who like aquiring titles, feel free to revel in your new title but don't put down users who mention that titles don't matter to them.


That being said, spamming has been and always will be strictly prohibited. Do not expect to be able to up your post count and gain titles by continually posting messages that are irrelevant to the subject at hand, messages that never contribute anything to the topic, or messages are almost always painfully short and informal.


So Rogue15, let's not see any more of that.


Newly-created topics from the same user that flood the forum topic listings, as well as newly-created messages from the same user that flood individual threads, are also considered spam.


I know we are all a bit thirsty for info and could use some nice, wet Jedi Outcast Information to quench our thirsts. It might be a while, so I suggest getting another beverage of your choice until then so we can all settle down here. :cool:

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Fine then i've changed it.. takes a while for jknet to change the sig pics so it will be changed to a smaller version.... What about Red_VIIII or something he had a giant sig and likewise joe solo


[ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: Agen_Terminator ]

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Guest Rogue15

I was only poking fun! notice that i edited my messege, i originally had something else there, but then after reading the above ones, decided not to make a fool of myself, and just put 'spam' in. yes, that was me and rhett arguing over there. lol the day i posted almost 30 topics in 5 minutes...all i was doing was showing him and every1 else what spam really was. of course i've stopped tho. *hopes his signature is the right size not to get him yelled at*

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