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Episode II Trailer stills!


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Yeah, the quality isn't great, but beggars can't be choosers for now. Someone just passed the link onto me:



Hope it's still up when you visit! Overall it does look pretty dark and cool, though.




Update: Thanks to the keen work of Boba Rhett, we now again have working links!











Only 1 more day...


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Andyshoehouse@hotmail.com :D;);)


U dont know me, but pleasing me will only make your life better.....

I have a video from morpheus of the ep2 vid....dont know whether it is official cos it seems to have some clips from ep1.....hummmmmm my jedi senses tell me that I have been screwed over like a vietnamese whore....

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Guest Boba Rhett

Holy crap! Am I one of only three people in the world who saved them? :D lol


I'll start sending them out tonight. I might not get to all of you today but I will by the end of the weekend. :)


Some of you could do a disk cleanup and extract the files.... ;) but I'll send them anyway. :cool:


Oh, and watch your language, BoomBoom!



[ November 03, 2001: Message edited by: Boba Rhett ]

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If it's out early Monday(pre 6:20am), I'll get it up on my ftp. It's a slow piece of crap comp, buy if limited to jkii.net users we'll be in business. It's a cable connection, but I'm willing to bet it'll be better than starwars.com(if they even provide it on their server...remember the GB Demo?). The connection goes relatively unused when I'm at school.


My ftp server doesn't support anonymous access, so I'll set a quota of around 50 megs the night before, then one of you other kind users can upload the file to it. Just no one go and delete it. ;)


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