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Lucas has scrapped his plans to call EP2 Attack of the Clones!!

read about it here


HOLLYWOOD - In an emergency press conference held late yesterday, George Lucas, creator of the acclaimed Star Wars movies, announced that he had reversed his decision to subtitle his upcoming Episode II as "Attack of the Clones."


"I know realize that I may have been too hasty in my decision to name Episode 2," stated a tired looking Lucas in front of hundreds of reporters. "The backlash that we received was enormous, totalling over 20 million e-mail complaints in the last two days, as well as thousands of letters, photographs of mangled Star Wars merchandise, and three packages that the FBI are still looking into."



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Guest Rogue15

c'mon!!!! Cloning Facility by the lake!!!!!


or some of these:


O, Cloner, where art thou?

E.T. Clones home

The Clonee


can't think....brain froze.

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