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Forum colour.. (and not color as some of you US people spell it :P)


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I like the colours! Much better than generic-o white/grey or "we can't be arsed coming up with decent colours so we'll just go with the black look" black.


Well done to whoever "did" the colours, they look great. (And on a related note, forums with white background = death)

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Indeed. I think the purple colors (or colours) are Mixnmojo's exercise in branding, if you will. It's Mojo's look and feel... it's our trademark! And I do dig the colors. It's a little different from all the other gaming sites, conveying the fun of a LucasArts adventure game!


Hmm, have I given this too much thought? Time to go to class.

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Its not a cow you know it's a website :)


But anyway I see how much the purple colour means to you 5 :p


And for my next complaint:

107 smilies is not enough and there are too many SW based ones... like the damm games ;P


* gets ready for flamers*




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Evil laughter is contagious...


...except Vincent Price evil laughter, thats reeeeal evil laughter, not like cartoon, evil-villian, haha funny evil laughter, but the kind real people do when they catch you in a situation where they can blackmail you - I bet spaff knows a little on that subject.



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Hey! I shall destroy all SW smiley haters with my:lightning and then activate my:slsaber: to slice ur heads off for trophies and then throw ur bodies in to the Sarlac pit!


*dodges tomato*

This was a group of about 4 SW game forums and a coupla others before u came ya know.

*dodges rock*

U guys know I was joking right?

*dodges dagger*

Why r u all polishing ur guns?

Oh Crap...


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