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How was Lord Of The Rings ?


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Bah, I have so much to say on the matter, I don't ever remeber half of it. Oh, and I haven't read the entire LotR yet, I'm currently in the middle of The Two Towers.

Now, in no perticular order...

Why the heck is Frodo twenty years old? They never mention anything about his age, or about the fact that seventeen years pass between Bilbo's departure and his, leaving him exactly the same (as well as the other Hobbits).

Legolas wasn't quite like I imagined him, a little too childish for me, but he does the trick, I suppose. Liv Tyler... I hated the stupid scratch on her face, and the fact that she looked like she wore lipstick (like in most of her roles), but I'll live. Not very nice of them to just throw out Glorfindel, but hey, it's a movie. But Elrond... Elrond is just freaking scary. I mean, this is supposed to be a good guy, and he looks like he's about to cackle manically at any moment. And Celeborn and Galadriel are too stuck-up. And there's a great deal of irony in the fact that when Galadriel tells Frodo what she'd do with the ring, saying they'll have a queen, something and beautiful, she looks like a mummy.

Pippin kicks Boromir in the balls. Legolas grabs Gimly by the beard. The bit where Butterbur talks about Gandalf. Wizard Kombat. Bah. I have to keep telling myself it's just a movie.

The Shire is cool. Rivendell is also cool, but not perfect.

Tom Bombadil is gone. It's juuust a movie...

The Ring is great. Everything it does (although not strictlyby the book) is scary.

Aragorn seems too much like a Harrison Ford character at first. And his accent does disappear. In the end, though, he's cool.

Gandalf is great. The only complaint I have about him is that 'fly, you fools!' didn't sound grand enough.

Gollum kicks ass, as well as the Ring-Wraiths.

That's all I can think of now. I know there are more negative than positive things, but I really did love the movie. It's just that I'm in that phase where if it's not completely true to the book, it seriously bothers me.

All in all, movie-wise, it is a masterpiece. I just wish it could've been longer.

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I've read the books countless times, and the film really did kick ass... although (here we go again) i thought they fiddled too much with the bigger deatils, such as getting to rivendell...

But hey, at least they concentrated more on Moria...

Some of the scenes in the film really blew me away visually though.

It's a shame that they got the small deatils right, but tinkered too much with the bigger details...


Still one my favourite movies of all time though, i doubt a better job could have been done.

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Originally posted by JiveMonkey

Whoa whoa whoa speaking of Legolas (long blond haired elf with bow) that scene with him shooting down 4 or 5 orcs in a row is SIMPLY AMAZING. :D I couldn't help from clapping it's so cool.


/me steps off soapbox


Legolas should have been renamed Badass, its that simple!!!

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The movie never gives any indication about the passage of time between scenes. For example, it takes the Fellowship 18 days to get from Rivendell to the Redhorn Pass, and nearly two days to get from the pass to Moria; but someone who doesn't know the book might get the impression from the movie that this all took place on the same day. The movie compresses events greatly. Can't be helped, given the scale of the book.


As for Frodo's appearance...Hobbits age more slowly than humans. They don't reach full adulthood until age 33. Frodo is 50 when he begins his journey; still fairly young by hobbit standards but there is another factor in Frodo's appearance. Don't forget that the Ring prolongs the life of it's posessor. At 111 Bilbo looked only middle-aged but he aged swiftly after giving up the Ring. So it's appropriate that Frodo be played by a young actor.

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I agree.


Originally posted by raVen_image

Yes, when I was young, it was the thing to say that you've read "Lord of the Rings" and "The Simillarian" (sp?). It was a pretentious attempt to sound smart. I did it, too.


But on reflection, it's not a great book. It has an interesting style, but it isn't a literary masterpiece. It's unnecessarilly long, and parts of "The Two Towers" and "Return of the King" are incredibly tedious...all those names...those tired battle scenes.


I have read the book ONCE all the way through, but I could NEVER do it again. Some parts I have re-read over and over (specifically, Sam and Smeagal scenes), but it's not a real page-turner, over-all.

It's: The Silmarillion

and not "sp", but "qs", because it was originally called "The Quenta Silmarillion".

The LOTR is a fantastic book, and it is not unnecessary long (although the last part of the 6th book in the Shire could have been left out).

I love learning all the names and languages, so that differs. I thought the battle scenes also were very cool (although the movie focuses too much on them), remember that Tolkien has been in a real war! I don't think that you can say that. :p

Whenever I am bored, I'll take one of my Tolkien books and I start learning from them. For fun! It's a history, and every little detail is perfect.

From all Tolkien's notes, they could even publish TWELVE books!

Furthermore, some people hate Bombadil, and some love him. I am in between, I love him because he's an enigma (intended that way by Tolkien!), and I hate him because he's an enigma :D

It's ok that they left him out of the movie, but they should never have altered the dialogue as much as they have :(


Originally posted by Trapezoid

Yeah, the score wasn't very interesting. It did its job, and there were a few moments that I noticed particularly nice music, but I wish Peter Jackson recalled the Frighteners and got Danny Elfman to do the score.

The soundtrack is great! You have to keep in mind, that the few wonderfull themes in this movie will be expanded in the 2 others. It has so much potential!

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I thought he said assassin. Anyway, both are untrue.


I think that Legolas looks great in the movie, like a calm and wise elf.

But I saw the actor for real in some specials, in which he went Parachute jumping, snowboarding, etc.

and was yelling loud...


this made me really wonder... :D


I also read, don't know where, that he once had a discussion with Vigo (plays Strider/Aragorn, son of Arathorn). In which he said: "oh yeah? I am an elf! that means I'll live forever! Got that? Forever!"

quite disturbing and funny :D

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excellent movie. eeeeeeeeeexcellent movie. the thing i probably least agree with is the soundtrack. don't get me wrong - i have the tracks (on mp3) and listen to them obsessively. yet too often i am reminded of the titanic s/t ::shudder:: and the music just doesn't set the magical scene as i'd like it to. my favorite track is "concerning hobbits", the music played from the opening scene and through hobbiton. but most of the music is compiled of generic movie-tunes that can be found in any action/suspenseful/sorrowful scene. oh well.


HEY! QUESTION: for those of u with a good memory or whoever is planning to see the movie again. There's a scene way early in the movie when Gandalf is looking through Bilbo's maps. He picks one up, and a detailed sketch of a red dragon is shown at the top of a map. This is a redrawn version of the dragon on a map in 'The Hobbit'. Anyone know where I can find a drawing of it? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Yeah, the soundtrack...

I love it, really do, but I getcha about that 'Titanic' bit. Its right at the start; the Shire theme. Starts off, and you're terrified Celine Dions going to turn up. Not that I like Enya - track 13 is the best.

I also love it when Legolas is pumping arrows into orcs, but I only spotted it the second time I saw it.

I hear you about Elrond, he's freaky. i read a version of the Council of Elrond scene on the internet that cast Jerry Seinfeld as Elrond - very, very funny.

What I really love is the ending. Everyone is just sat there, like 'what do you mean its finished? I gotta wait a whole 'nother year now??' I think it rocks, cos its like the Empire strikes back - not a happy ending.

Best line? Gandalf furious with rage screaming 'You shall not pass!' at the Balrog on the bridge of Khazad Dum.

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