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AD Is Back! And Welcome to the boards!


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AD Is back in business! http://www.adventuredeveloper.com is back serving the amateur game community once again. Go to the site and browse the hosted sites, check for udpates in the next few days that they've made during our long downtime. Remember a few have moved home, but they're still going, so check them out too!

Board sections are pretty clear i think and don't need explaining, so enjoy them and the site!

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Adventure Developer? is that you?! CRAP IN A HAT it is you!!!! All is right in the world again!!!!


I got a game in development right now


Zane Wreakman's Inter-dimentional Adventure


I'm still finaliseing the script and working the kinks out of the charicter desines but with AD back I know I can get good feed back!


LONG LIVE Adventure Developer!!!

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