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Calling all artists!

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Well this was empty so i thought i'd take the opprtunity to plug my site like hell :p

Lightstep studios are working on two projects, an RPG and Point-n-click adventure game. The site is not quite finished yet (mainly due to my pc breaking. Lots) but should be up very soon!

Currently i have several old staff who stayed on when Firestorm was re-vamped, and a few applications sitting in my inbox.


The thing we need the most are people to draw the locations and characters. If you are interested and have some sort of artistic talent, please reply to this post, or mail me at tom@courthold.co.uk


More information to follow soon!

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I think I can do some of you if you like my art.

I'm not good with colors, but good at drawing - on paper.


Send me a pm if you want to look at them.


(Still practising though)


I love the adventure game your making, and looking farward to the release.


I still think sheaday6 can do the art much better then me.

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