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Dear WC_Heavyarm's Parents..


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Hello, and welcome to the Gallactic Battlegrounds Forum! My name is Richard and I have made this thread to talk you into not making WC_Heavyarms leave our Forum :) (Everyone, im going to need your help by supporting this, Thanks :))


Not long ago, WC_Heavyarms made a post saying he needs to leave this forum because his parents does not want him to get hooked up with a Child Molester and other reasons.. (sorry for my bad spelling). Well, I can't say that there isnt any way of there being one on here, yes there is alot of strange and wierd people out in the World...BUT I do know that this forum is like a family to WC as it is to myself. There has not been one rude or wierdo guy/girl on this forum that I know of. Forums are like a Cyber Neighborhood, or in this case, Cyber Family :) I joined this fourm a few months ago and I must say, this IS no question the friendliest forum I know of. I know there has been a few people that have gotten out of hand but, they have been delt with quickly with the awesome and friendly (not to mention funny) Moderators we have here.


Everyone here is friendly (espically WC_) and thats what a forum should be like. Theres not too many forums like that out there and that makes me lucky to be here with all these wonderful peolple, including WC_Heavyarms.


Please, I ask of you NOT to make your son stop posting at this forum, without him, this forum wouldnt be the same, I assure you. Im sure you are just very protective parents trying to keep your son out of danger and my mother is the same, but I swear (cross my heat :)) that nothing bad will come to your son here, hes my friend and a friend to all here in this forum. So please, do not take him away from this small Cyber Family of ours, he will be safe here always, I promise you that and I know that everyone else here says the same:)


Please, think about it, and find it in your heart not to take our friend away from us, it will not be the same without him....


Thanks for your time,



Richard Stombaugh A.K.A. GB_StormTrooper


P.S. C'mon everyone, post a reply asking WC_Heavyarm's parents to let him stay! :)

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