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System Boasting (from the scorching thread)


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1.0 ghz athlon t-bird

640mb pc133

32mb gf2mx400 (ew)

45gig 7200rpm


it's crazy.. the geforce5 will probably be out before games come out that fully utilize the geforce3's potential.. and Carmack himself has said Doom3 will run on a geforce256.

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My computer is horribly pathetic, which is why I'm going to upgrade once I get a job and some cash.


AMD K6-2 333mHz

128MB PC133 RAM

4.3GB Maxtor IDE HDD

TNT2 Ultra

Sound Blaster Live! Value w/FourPoint Surround Sound

15" Sony MultiScan 100ES

DSL Internet connection

Windows 98 SE


I got out of gaming in 2000 (which saved me a TON of money). The only game I bought in 2000-2001 was Red Alert 2. So I haven't really needed to upgrade, but now here comes JK2.

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1 ghz AMD Tbird

Abit KT-7A

512 mb (2x256) Infineon PC-133 SDRAM

ASUS Geforce 2 GTS 32mb

IBM 45 gig hard drive

SB Live player 5.1

AOpen 12 x 40 x DVD drive

Plextor 12 x 10 x 32 CDRW


uhhhhhhhhh ?



My older brother may be moving out of our parental house soon, and i dont know whatll happen then, maybe he'll take this one with him, hoping to get something like a


XP 1800

512mb DDR

Epox mobo

Geforce 3 Ti 200 or Radeon 8500


then, but i dont even know whats gonna happen


Either way, i think it should run :)

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My specs are...


1.4 Ghz AMD Athlon :cool:

GeForce 3 64mb :D

512 mb RAM :cool:

32x DVD and 56x CD ROM :)

19 inch View Sonic G90mb :cool:

4 piece sub woofer set up :cool:

Sound Blaster Live :o

Windows ME :(

56k modem :(

60 Gig hard drive

logitech optical track ball


All of the plastic and metal (on the computer) is also black colored, which makes it look kind of cool.



I should have a satelite connection by the time JO comes out



Did I beat you yet, Rave? :)

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My (updated) system......


1.4Ghz AMD Athlon, (with my amazing fileserver case with a total of 10 fans to keep it coo, which enables me to o/c my processor to 1.6Ghzl)

512Mb DDR Ram

GeForce 3 Ti500 (couldnt wait to get it with JK2)

24 inch monitor

40Gb HDD 7200Rpm with Twin Processor

2 52X CD-Rom Drives

1 CD RW 24x 10x 40x

Soundblaster Live 1024

Desktop Theater 5.1 surround sound with EAX gives nice enviromental effects......especially in AvP2


Should run JK2 fine

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Probably more than you want to know, but:


Case - Colorcase.com Knight Series (Black)

Processor - AMD Athlon T-Bird 1.2Ghz


Mainboard - Abit KT7A-RAID

AGP Graphics - eVGA Geforce 2 MX-400 64Mb

HD - Maxtor 13.6 GB 7200RPM ATA66

CD #1 - Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM

CD #2 - Creative Labs 52x CD-ROM

CD #3 - Samsung 8x8x32x CD-RW

Removable Storage - Iomega Zip 100 (parallel)

Modem - Diamond SupraMax 56k V.90 PCI voice modem

Monitor - Optiquest V75 (17" .26dp max-res: 1600x1200 @ 77hz)

Keyboard - Microsoft Internet Keyboard

Mouse - Microsoft Intellimouse Optical

Sound Card - Sound Blaster Live! Value

Speakers - Altec/Lansing ACS-33 2pt speakers w/ sub

Scanner - IBM Color Flatbed Scanner

Printer - HP Deskjet 712c

OS - Windows XP Professional


I'd like to upgrade the graphics card, and I could use a bigger hard drive, but all in all, it should run JKII just fine. :)

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My Current Specs:


800 MHz AMD T-Bird


128MB PC133

10x Pioneer DVD ROM

No-Name, but high quality, Mid-Tower

Horrible Cooler Master HSF ...but it works, so I don't complain :)

Logitech Pilot wheel mouse

nVidia TNT2 32MB

*Shudders* On-Board Sound... :eek:

Crappy Stereo Speakers

17-inch Monitor which I don't care to name :D

No case fans :eek:

300Watt Sparkle PSU


My prospective JKII machine:


1.6GHz AMD AthlonXP 1900+

Undecided MoBo, but VIA KT266A whichever one I choose :)

512MB DDR PC2100

Same as above DVD ROM

Cheiftec Black Dragon Large Mid-Tower

Also undecided HSF - possibly Akasa Silver Mountain

Probably MS IntelliMouse Explorer Optical

Radeon 8500 128MB


Looks like it'll be headphones for the sound - my mum moans like hell at the 'noise' :rolleyes:

21-inch Iiyama Vision Master Pro 512 (2048*1536 @85Hz Max.)

Four Case Fans :)

TDK CyClone 40r32w10rw

431Watt Enermax PSU


Oh yeah, I'm running Win98SE, with no plans to change it at the moment :)



I forgot the PSUs :rolleyes:


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Here are my specs of the new comp I just built. Many of the parts I took out of my old one.


AMD Athlon XP 1700

ASUS A7A266 (rev. 1.04)

256 MB PC 133 SDRAM (Soon to be 512 DDR PC 2100)

Radeon 64 MB DDR w/VIVO (Soon to be Radeon 8500)

Soundblaster Live!

3Com 905 100/10 MB network card

Maxtor 30 GB AT100 7200 RPM hdd

Samsung 8x DVD player

HP 8x/4x/32x CD burner

6 USB ports


Large Case

Logitech optical mouse

350 Watt power supply

Side case fan (going to add 2 more case fans)

NEC 17" monitor (soon to be 19")

Dual boot M$ Windoze XP and Mandrake linux 8.1

APC Battery backup/UPS

1500k ADSL

5 Speaker sound system


I have another comp, a PIII 600 320 MB RAM that I'm planning on using as a dedicated JK2 server for WD.


My last computer is a P1 running linux I use as a file server.

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My turn to brag...


AMD Athlon XP 1800+

--cooled by Dragon Orb 7000 rpm fan



GeForce 3

--connected to...

Sony Trinitron Wega KV-32HS20 (32" HDTV)


Audigy Platinum

--connected to (via digital optical cable)...

Sony STR-DA5ES 6.1 Surround Reciever with 110 W per channel to JBL Studio Speakers (front: 250 Watts x 2; center: 150 Watts; rear 150 Watts x 2). 12" JBL 250 Watt Powered Subwoofer.


MS Wireless Intellimouse Explorer

MS Sidewinder Strategic Commander (left-hand controller)

Wireless Logitech Keybaord


Burning Death never looked or sounded so good!

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