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I wouldn't put too much stock in the scorefor Magic Carpet 2 being indicative of PC Gamer's reviewing approach. It was done by a single, rather nutty reviewer, the entire rest of the team didn't agree and that guy was later fired (though not directly for that)


And yes, it is definitely a beta version they are reviewing. They will assure us, if asked, that they have been promised that it is an accurate representation of the finished product. They have been both wrong and right about that before. Knowing PC Gamer as I do, 92% is a little lower than I was hoping- the true classics get 94% or more.

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Originally posted by Com Raven

And almost all previews are done based on preliminary versions....

But this is a review, not a preview


Does anyone know whether you can play Multiplayer Offlinewith Bots, like in ST: Voyager??? It doesn't say in the reveiw.

Yes you can


About the vehicle, a drivable vehicle could be an AT-ST, based on the final trailer scene

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Originally posted by X-Vector

You expect Jedi Outcast to 'beat' Half-Life?


If you're really looking for a game which has the potential to rival HL's impact on action gaming, wait for Duke Nukem Forever.

Many games have surpassed Half-Life. They didn't have the impact (HL was the right game at the right time), but they sure were better. System Shock 2, NOLF, AvP2, Deus Ex, and so on... I expect JO to be the next. :)


As for DNF being revolutionary... I'll believe it when I see it, times have changed.

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Gee... that's quite a humongous spoiler that you posted there Bobby... I almost didn't want to know that much. Almost...


It gives away the first level and the final boss, which is probably some kind of weird clone of Kyle, Luke, or someone who we meet in the game and becomes close to Kyle. :(

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HalfLife 98%



Half-life Had its day.. If I went to play through an old game that revolutionised action gaming the last thing I would pick up in my FPS collection would be Half-life.. its way way too overated there were only two or three memorable experiences.. and thats when you fight the marines after that with the aliens and stuff its just a sad ride all the way to the bottom. But enough of Half-life Bashing now to the next one.


Duke Nukem Forever??? you've seriously got to be joking??3D realms haven't produced anything that amazing EVER? and don't mention Max Payne another overated game that sits offers nothing else after your 1st completion of the game.


Basically there are Quake IV and Doom3 that will put us back on track when we're talking revolutionizing the FPS genre and Idsoftware has given the guys at Raven the task of QuakeIV

and Id themselves creating a great new engine for both games.


IdSoftware has been dealing with Raven for ages now and Lucasarts picked up on that..*cough incompetant ******* * but I'm glad they did go with Raven cause now we're gonna have a great game on our hands and if we get a sequal with the DOOM engine maybe in 2004 then what more could we ask.


What would they name it

DarkForces III:Jedi Knight III:Jedi Outcast II: _Fill In the Blank_?



The Power of the Force comes indirectly from an IDsoftware Source




:fett: :fett: :fett: :fett: :fett:


[Edit - Stormy - swearing :tsk: ]

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nope, It should be called

Star Wars:DarkForces IV:Jedi Knight III:Jedi Outcast II: _Fill In the Blank_? :D


I agree about HL and MP being overated, however, I dont know how you can be so sure that Q4 and Doom 3 will revolutionize anything. They will probably be amazing graphically, but that isnt a revolution in the genre


Maybe U2 will be more revolutionary

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Guest Apparition
Originally posted by CaptainRAVE

I thought they reviewed the final version. Where did they say it was the beta.......if it was a beta review then it would still be a preview..........you cant have a review until you see the final product.


PCGamer UK does this all the time. They've reviewed tons of beta games.

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