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Goof up on Console's Home Page


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These links are still on the HOme Page although they lead nowhere. You may want to delete them...just a thought.


BTW, add a cheats area to the Home Page...another thought.

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hey! u can use some of the Rogue Squadron 64 codes we've uncovered....


Here are the Rogue Squadron Passcodes for the Nintendo 64 version:



BLAMEUS: Displays a picture of the development team.


CHICKEN: Play as an AT-ST, it's also 2-player cooperative.


CREDITS: The Credits.


DIRECTOR: Let's you view all the cutscenes.


MAESTRO: Activates the music menu.


IGIVEUP: Unlimited lives.


TOUGHGUY: All weapon and shield powerups.


GAMEFLO!: Unlocks all regular missions.


WOMPRAT!: Unlocks the Tatooine race bonus level.


WOISTHAN: Unlocks the Death Star Trench bonus level.


DEADDACK: Unlocks the Battle of Hoth bonus level.


FARMBOY: Enables the Millennium Falcon.


TIEDUP: Enables the Tie Interceptor.


ACTIVATE NABOO STARFIGHTER: To access the Naboo Starfighter, type in HALIFAX? as your Passcode, select Enter Code, then type in !YNGWIE!. Select Enter Code again, and you'll have full access to the Naboo Starfighter.




KOELSCH: Turns the V-Wing into a 1969 Buick convertible, pausing freezes the game though.


RADAR: Switches dark for bright in radar screen.


BERGLOWE: Luke turns into H. Schmidt


CHIPPIE: Luke turns into C. Huelsbeck


FLYDODGE: Luke turns into D. Jagalski


HARDROCK: Luke turns into T. Engel


ICHHELD: Luke turns into R. Henke


PSYLOCK: Luke turns into M. Wagner


RUDIBUBI: Luke turns into R. Stember


SIRHISS: Luke turns into J. Petersam


THBPILOT: Luke turns into B. Hoppe


TIECK: Luke turns into F. Sauer


TOBIASS: Luke turns into T. Richter


WUTZI: Luke turns into J. Eggebrecht


[note: Lokjot, Numbertwo, Rescuer codes, as well as B-Wing and Slave I do not exist in Rogue Squadron, you CANNOT fly the Corellian Corvette seen in Battle above Taloraan. AT-ST can only be used in the mini-game of the Nintendo 64 version of Rogue Squadron.]

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