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LOADING TIMES: if load times are long for you, read this (UPDATED!)

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Our loading times are actually very good, and our reloads are extremely fast. Also loads within the same mission should be faster than the first load of a mission because we cache all the textures, models and sounds from one level to the next.


If you find this is not the case, I have bad news for you: your system does not have enough RAM. If you lower the texture detail settings from VERY HIGH to HIGH, you will see your loading times get much, much better.


You may say "but I have a 64MB card and 256MB system RAM!", that should be fine for a lot of the levels, but when you're using the HIGHEST level of texture detail, you're going to need more than that on some levels. If you have 512MB of system RAM, you should be fine with full-on cranked-up detail levels. (There is also the issue of your AGP aperature setting in your boot-up setup... if it's very high relative to your amount of system RAM, there is a possibility that it could affect performance).


However, regardless of your configuration, then, if you are having long load times (for whatever reason), lowering your texture detail is the best way to shorten the loads.


Ste Cork, who did the load/save stuff, did some loading and reloading timing tests using 2 vastly different system configurations. Here are his findings:


All tests were run from the CD burn we were given internally of the release copy, and dropping out of the executable and re-running for each graphic setting change (and waiting for all thrashing to cease before starting next test). The only settings I altered were choosing the 4 predefined video settings at the top of the video screen. Nothing else was touched at all.


All tests stopwatched from console command "map kejim_base" to seeing "datapad updated"; onscreen.


P3 / 1GHZ / 512MB / GeForce3 64MB


VideoSetting Load time Reload Time (same timing method)


HighQuality 1:15 0:04

Normal 0:38 0:04

Fast 0:31 0:03

Fastest 0:29 0:03


P2 / 300MHZ / 128MB / TNT1 16MB ( crap machine, but for comparison )


HighQuality 6:00 0:55

Normal 2:55 0:42

Fast 1:52 0:20

Fastest 1:45 0:15




Moral of the story: use settings good enough for the hardware you've got.Re-load times are what counts unless you can play every level without dying....

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The level on the asteroid, where you are looking for Desann's ship, the Doomgiver.


In the level with the assault transports undergoing construction, which ends after you destroy the AT-AT, my load times got extremely long. In addition, when I would try to reload a quick save, I would hear a sound loop before exiting to the quick save load screen.


Once I dropped out of this level, down into the electric tunnels area with the dark jedi, the problem was cured...back to fast load times.


System is a 1GB Athlon TBird, 512 MB SDRAM, SB Live, and Geforce 2 GTS 3D Now (64 MB). Using DX 8.1a, GeForce driver version 23.11.




PS: Lose the popups :p

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On the exact same level that Degas is talking about I had abnormally long load times as well.


I have set all the menu items to the highest detail possible and also have exec'ed the "high.cfg" that is in the first assets PK3.


When re-loading a quick save this was the only place were I had a long load time...


Machine Specs are:

WinXP Pro

Athlon 1900+

1024MB RAM

GeForce3 64MB (v28.32 Drivers)

SB Audigy (v5.12.01.0134)

DX 8.1a


Not a big deal really... Just thought it was sorta odd this is the only map that did this.



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I dunno...

I have a GeForce 2MX and only 256MB RAM (on an Thunderbird 900) and JKII runs very smooth for me at 1024x768 x 32 Bit with all Details at highest. The load time for the first Load in Singleplayer isn't the shortest, but within a minute it's always done - IMHO that's very acceptable. But when the first load's done, also in MP every next load is done within 8 seconds - really great!!


To the guys at Raven: Great Work! Love ya game!


P.S. Can't wait for the source code to come out...


Peace & Respect

-- Aetherfukz

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You could purchase more RAM, I'm running Jedi Outcast with 512 MB's of DDR. My loadtimes:


Cold Start: 20 seconds flat

Quickload in the same level: 5 seconds

Quickload to another level: 10 seconds


I'm getting the excact same loadingtimes with RTCW.


My specs


Asus A7M266 AMD761 Chipset

AMD Athlon 1.4 Ghz 266 Mhz

Creative Audigy (Platinum version but without the bay)

Asus Geforce 2 GTS Deluxe with 32 MB's of DDR (Detonator 21.83)

512 MB's DDR 266 Mhz

30 Gig. 7200 Rpm UDMA-100 enabled




Indoor: between 80 and 95

Outdoor simple or big open rooms: between 60 and 85

Outdoor (for example the Swamp level: between 30 and 40


Details is set to high, 800X600X32.

The resolution isn't high but what can you expect from an older graphicscard......


I'm very satisfied with Jedi Outcast, it's one of the best FPS on the market. I'm glad that I aren't experiencing any of the problems discussed in the forums.....

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I don't have any problems with the load times (first load when is slow but after that things are fine). I did notice that turning off one or both of Anisotropic Filtering and Detail Shaders noticeably improved load times.

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Ditto here on the Cairn Assembly level (on a very fast system with a full gig of RAM). Load times were great UNTIL I got there, and then it took a full 30 - 45 seconds (maybe even more) just to load a quicksave. Once I got to the reactor level, I was fine again (and load times for quick saves went back to more like 5 seconds). Since I'm not the only one experiencing it, sounds like maybe a problem with the level?


Great game btw,


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Whenever I set my settings lower, I just get worse framerates, and worse visuals. I have a GeForce 3 Ti200, P2 400 MHZ, 128 RAM. Anything I can do to make the game faster?


Lower and worst frame rates?....


...:confused: ......



Strange and disturbing this puzzel is.....




I have no idea why that would happen, but.... maybe you ram is slow. Is you RAM PC 100 or PC 133?


-teutonicknight :atat:

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Maybe you should buy a new processor. Your video card seems like it is faster than the processor. lol. I have a 800mhz T-Bird with a GeForce 2 MX and 128mb of RAM and it seems to load, ok. But could be better of course. But in your case you should upgrade your processor.

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