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LOADING TIMES: if load times are long for you, read this (UPDATED!)

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Here it is folks, if you have less that this you SHALL have problems playing computer games, esp FPS games like JK2 (not to mention upcoming titles like UT2002)


If you have less than this go get better!


1.2Ghz processor (if you use AMDs fine processors make sure the processor is actually running at this speed, since they label them differently)


512 megs of RAM


Fast Hard drive (7200rpm) Also make sure that you have 2 hard drives one for your OS and another for swap file, separating these functions across different PHYSICAL drives will help performance. (Important, when using IDE drives do NOT place a HD and a slow device on the same IDE channel)


GeForce 3 Ti500 or better, duh!


Broadband Connection, I recommend DSL since Cable users end up sharing their bandwidth and slowing down. You should have a down speed of 640kpbs or better, and an up of at VERY least 128k, slower than this and you SHALL be a laggard!


I think thats it, im sure ppl will add if ive missed something, these are the major problems in gaming.


Have Fun buying your new stuff!


ShaKira out

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Originally posted by lightside

Whenever I set my settings lower, I just get worse framerates, and worse visuals. I have a GeForce 3 Ti200, P2 400 MHZ, 128 RAM. Anything I can do to make the game faster?

what is the point of a geforce 3 on a crappy machine like that?

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