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lots of MY screenies....


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hehe sorry.






ok guys, i figured out the scissor flip/attack, still dunno about the maul one...


anyway, i got myself a nice save game of me and Luke v desann, and Kyle v 10 reborn... made for some nice screenies, man this game is gonna have ENDLESS replayability...






lemmie know what ya think.

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hehe ok ...dont read if ya wanna learn yourself...

















































must be in medium attack mode (yellow)


run towards enemy, and as you get to them press primary attack and jump at same time :)

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Yeah, Reborn are pretty worthless once you learn them. I have to face at least 12 at once or else I'm guarenteed to make it out alive. Reborn bosses still give me a run for my money at four at a time...


Need to find out what more of the moves are. A couple people were slaughtering me in MP earlier with some powerful moves I hadn't seen before. Shame, because those couple moves were placing their score leaps and bounds beyond the rest of ours.

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ack wrong one... hmm i got the directions... lemmie get em.



























Another thread had info that suited me PERFECTLY. I forgot who posted it, so credits to the Unknown Poster once again.


Steps for Saber Practice:


1) Start single player game at your chosen difficulty level

2) Go to console (Shift + ~) - you can do this during the scripted cutscene with Kyle and Jan in the Raven's Claw

3) Enter "map pit" (without the quotes- this can really be any map, but pit seems to be a hidden test/practice map)

4) You will appear facing off against Tavion. Save the game immediately (she won't attack at first). Name it something obvious (JediDuel---Training---Pit---(difficulty level).

5) Defeat Tavion.

6) You can spawn anything in there, after enabling the cheats (devmap works for me). YOu can spawn as many as you want. (See below)


I did a few "Bind F(1-8) npc spawn (name)" commands so I could summon things quickly, and I added "Bind H give health" so I could do many duels in a row.


The spawn command is "npc spawn (name)" without the quotes.


My favorite opponents:


Reborn (the basic one, very weak)







And so on. You can spawn pretty much anything, from droids and stormtroopers to bosses.


It is also fun to spawn several plain reborn and have an uber-duel.


Also, you can spawn friendly NPCs. It just struck me that I never checked if they help you fight... but things like:








there ya go.

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now that i think about it.... whats the best way to spawn multiple enemies like in your links above? (not mine)


i used no clip and went WAAY up in thje air... but then the dark jedi were jum[ing up to get me, and after a coupla tries, they would fall to their death lmao...


And how did you get luke to fight you lol! i tried that :(

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1) Luke fights you if you Grip him, IIRC. When he does, so do the other friendly Jedi. I found that out the hard way - hence the shot of me lopping off JediF's head.


2) Photoshop + Crop, or do it on the rotating-around animation. :-)



[edit: Oops, someone posted it before me. :-)]

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More fun with spawning: Fill a room with Landos, and toss your saber in (or attack them some other way). When they open fire on you, they'll also hit each other, and turn around and begin shooting each other as well as you. I have to use God mode for that or they kill me too quickly, but it's fun to watch.

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