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Thread O' Spawning SP Enemies


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Please add any information about spawning enemies to this thread... I suppose we can keep it semi-official for a while.



Steps for Saber Practice:


1) Start single player game at your chosen difficulty level

2) Go to console (Shift + ~) - YOu can do this from either the menu, or in the game. I'm not quite sure how it chooses difficulty if you do it from the menu, though. To be safe, I made one save game at each difficulty.

3) Enter "map pit" (without the quotes- this can really be any map, but pit seems to be a hidden test/practice map)

4) You will appear facing off against Tavion. Save the game immediately (she won't attack at first). Name it something obvious (JediDuel---Training---Pit---(difficulty level).

5) Defeat Tavion.

6) You can spawn anything in there, after enabling the cheats (devmap works for me). YOu can spawn as many as you want. (See below)


I did a few "Bind F(1-8) npc spawn (name)" commands so I could summon things quickly, and I added "Bind H give health" so I could do many duels in a row.


The spawn command is "npc spawn (name)" without the quotes.


My favorite opponents:


Reborn (the basic one, very weak)







And so on. You can spawn pretty much anything, from droids and stormtroopers to bosses.


Also, you can spawn friendly NPCs. They fight on your team (unless you Grip them - then they all turn against you):







Also, you can spawn people who aren't Jedi, like Jan and Lando... but they aren't much fun. Jan always dies REAL quick, since she uses a blaster.


To spawn things so that they don't attack you, use "notarget" in the console.


If you spawn things on a map and save it, you can send it to other people - this can be a cheap and dirty way to make single player maps in various scenarios. There seem to be some AI and performance issues with this, but it works.

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