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Miscellaneous Compilation of Cheats/Secrets/Binds Etc..(LONG)


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mines an all round star wars site but i only started it 12 hours ago. anyway read up and youll see someone called trueforce posted a website message :). thanks for the thingy tho. learn how to use dreamweaver. it took me about a week to master it but once you do its easy to make a good site.

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hi, thnx for all the stuff, but i think i ran into a problem...maybe its easy to solve but i dont know how. So i turned on that whole EAX thing because i have all the stuff for it, but now the sound in the game really sucks. and i have no clue how to turn it off. if you guys know what to do that would be great. thnx.



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Originally posted by RedEye

That fly_xwing works, but only in yavin_courtyard. I think this is because the X-Wing model is loaded there (there are some in the hangar). On the other maps, it is not loaded and the game crashes.



I'm calling your bullschnezay! <BR>






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Uh, heres an addition to the Name part of this (note i don't know how old this thread is so it's sort of a bump too)

you can have names with backrounds, from what i've seen you do this



(#1) is *ANY* number (you have to have this here!! but it doesn't show up)

(#2) is the "shadow" color

(#3) is the "foreground" color


also there is number 8 that is black, your names shows as white if you use it, but you can type in black (although it's annoying cus you can't read it unless on a bright map)


*please tell me if i'm old in posting this, or if there is a better way to do shadowed names without using up so many characters*

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Not that it's new (old as world in fact), but the following could be added to the compilation:


Snipe/Zoom script:


bind INS "set cg_fov 10"

bind PGUP "set cg_fov 80"


Ins will zoom in, PgUp will zoom out. Any weapon with absolute accuracy (but mostly Bryar Pistol on alternative fire) does a good job at sniping.


And this is not even a cheat (cg_fov is not cheat protected, so you don't have to type "helpusobi 1" to change it). Default value is 80.


Edit: Just thought of two other things that might be useful...


Total Number of Secret Areas:


Typing "newtotalsecrets" in console will give you the total number of secret areas on the map you are currently in.


Reducing Server Response Time:


If you are finding yourself lagged and not always able to react to your surroundings (like turn and immediately shoot in a given direction), the following might help:


seta sv_fps 50 (default value 20)

seta cg_smoothplayerpos 0.2 (default value 0.5)


This will increase the number of world snapshots the server processes per second, from 20 to 50, and reduce your player position averaging, thus allowing you to perform faster moves. This will reduce your fps as well because the server will have 2.5 times more work to do, so don't set above 50 unless you have 1,000+ MHz CPU. On the other hand, on slower machines, reducing sv_fps to 10 (and increasing cg_smoothplayerpos to 0.75 - to eliminate movement jerkiness that results) will help bring up the overall fps by 10-20% (goes from 16 to 20 on my PII-350/Voodoo3 at the first map overlooking the Kejim post entrance) but increase the overall latency as well.

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You have to do the following to get a permanent

Mind Trick 4/possession effect:


open the console:


NPC SPAWN <creature_type> <name>


CONTROL <name>




Example 1:


NPC SPAWN stormtrooper tk427






Example 2:


NPC SPAWN reborn Gidion






Example 3:


CONTROL Kyle (returns you to your original body)




You should know that controlling the Reborn

varieties and certain other units sometimes

crashes your game. Be careful about that.

Stormtroopers work fine thus far.

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levelshot - makes a levelshot (for those guys who want to make their own maps)


playerteam enemy

you become a member of the imperial team


playerteam neutral

strange results, imperials will not attack you, but weapon emplacements and critters will


playerteam player

back to normal


cg_thirdperson 1/0 - thirdperson on/off


cg_thirdpersonrange x - range of third-person mode (80 is standart)


cg_thirdpersonangle x - angle for third-person mode (0 is normal, 90 is side view and 180 is frontal view)


spawn x

spawn items and such. Lightsaber would be "swawn weapon_saber", "spawn misc_atst_drivable" will spawn an AT-ST (be sure to activate GOD first, otherwise the thing is likely to squish you)

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