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Here's how to find out your Jedi name...


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here's how to find out your jedi name:


- jedi first name:

first 3 letters of your real first name.

and the last 2 letters of your real last name.


- jedi last name:

first 2 letters of your middle name (or your mother's maiden name).

and the first 3 letters of the city you were born in.


- you are allowed to put a comma ( ' ) or a dash ( - ) in between / or in place of conflicting vowels / consonants.


my jedi name became: Jon'a Alsan


so what's yours? lol.

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Welcome to the forums, Padawans. (There are no newbies here, only those seeking the path of enlightenment ;) ) Here..*hands over some chocolate Jedi Medallions* ;)


Mine came out as Roben Sthar :)


Just an FYI...this is more of a general thread, and not really appropriate for the Valley, so get your waders on as we go on a Swamp hike. ;)

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