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fed up with getting beat up on multiplayer any advice


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I'm not a master of ping analysis, but from my experience lower pings help, regardless of what game you're playing. Some more than others.


As for anything else you can do, I'd suggest starting a localhost server to play by yourself for awhile. Set up your keyboard binds so you don't have to move your hand around too much. I generally keep my hand around WASD and bind force powers around that, but for this game I think YGHJ would be better. If you have a mouse with more than 3 buttons, try to bind a high-use force to it. I have Push and Pull on mine, but I think Drain/Lightning for Dark and Absorb/Heal for Light would be better.


In your server, load up a few bots (3 or 4) on the lowest difficulty and blow them away a few times. If you think you're doing pretty well, kick them and load up some harder ones. It's a decent way to get practice, though you won't have the unpredictability of good players.

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