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Multiplayer - CL_ParsePacketEntities-Error


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Today i've tested most of my compilation mods in multiplayer but I only want to say....

It was a very funny investigation to see these many hints from the best and

ugliest youtube noobs of this world! XD Everyone of these people was a liar.

And i love the available versions on Steam and GOG. They fixed nothing! XD

Especially the resolutions. Which is the biggest joke on the platforms/clients with all re-released versions of Star Wars games.


1st, you can play the Singleplayer with a fixed executable

2nd, the Multiplayer part runs perfectly with many of the available fixed execuatables on "Windows XP"

3rd, the "Error: CL_ParsePacketEntities: end of message" is a failure of "Windows 7"

4th, you only need "WinCDEmu" and an "mini-image" of the game (not a cookie)

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