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Numpad keys???


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I use keypad, too. My setup is close to Register's, though a bit dif.


KP 1=left strafe

KP 2=back

KP 3=right strafe

KP 4=grip

KP 5=forward

KP 6=lightning

KP 7=seeing

KP 8=speed

KP 9=mind trick

KP *=taunt

KP - =saber twirl move

KP enter = toggle walk/run

KP del = crouch

KP 0=jump

left arrow=healing (points towards health meter)

down arrow=pull (points toward you)

up arrow=push (points away from you)

rigt arrow=absorb (points toward force pool)


I also have some stuff bound to the 6 keys above the arrow keys (e.g., home, end, page up, etc.). I've always used this setup, as it seems very intuitive to me, and every function is close at hand. I don't like the ASWD setup, as it's not symmetrical.



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