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Multiplayer map change lockup?


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When I'm playing online my computer completely locks up when the map changes for the SECOND time.


When the load sequence reaches the "Awaiting Snapshot ..." nothing happens and the only way out is to do a hard reboot:confused:


There is no problem when playing against bots and I have no other problems whatsoever when playing online, i.e. no packet error messages or extreme lag or anything (I have an ADSL connection) but the lock up is very consistent.


I have no clue as to what causes this and why it is consistently on the SECOND map change and not the first or the third or the tenth


Has anyone else experienced anything like this or know how to fix it ?!?


Any help would be extremely appreciated.

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I have the same problem (Infact i have posted a thread further down the page)


Bit it happen to me on the first map change (So i only get to play 1 game:mad: )


the only thing i can think of is cos of the mods i have downloaded might be causing a discrepancy on the server.


Do you also get a change in colour when you gat back to the desktop? (Everything becomes very bright)


I also have a adsl connection but i doubt it very much that it has anything to do with it.

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i have the same problem, and i mean exactly the same problem. I did get it to work by lowwering the number of players to like 4 but thats kinda boring with only three other people.

I have posted about this but it seems that there's been a million and 1 posts since last week, so its well down the list on page 8 or something.

My PC is

Athon XP 1700

512mb DDRram (samsung chips, cas2, 2t command)

40GB ATA 133 HDD

Leadtek winfast geforce 2 gts 32mb (23.11 drivers)

lite on 16X DVD

ac 97 intergrated sound


i run JO at 1024*768 with everything maxed out apart from shadows and with and with out 2X AA but still can't change map with more than 4 players or bots in it.

Could someone please shead some light on this.


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Ups sorry Nuwidol, I didn't see your thread as I would have replied to your thread instead of creating a new one :o


Anyway, the thing is that I'm NOT getting "kicked" to the desktop. My computer is completely and utterly frozen/locked up (or whatever you want to call it) and the ONLY way to exit this is to hit the "reset" switch (CTRL+ALT+DEL doesn't work either) and wait for the computer to boot up again :(


Furthermore I have NOT downloaded any kind of modifications or skins and the only 2 things that I have changed from the default installation configuration is to bind the "taunt" command to a key and create a "demos" folder with a single downloaded demo (this should not in any way have anything to do with online play ... should it ?!?).


When I'm logged on to a server and playing there are no problems whatsoever (I was on a server the other day without a kill limit or time limit and I played for almost 4 hours straight with no hint of any problems). That's why it's so confusing that one minute everything is fine and the next everything is all to hell.


Abraksis: My problem is not when CREATING a server but JOINING a server. If I create a server with bots I can play as many maps as I like with no problems (I haven't tried to create a server with other human players so I don't know what would happen).


When joining a server there are no problems with the initial load of the current map no matter how many players are logged on already and the FIRST map change poses no problems either (man, I feel for you Nuwidol:(). It's the second map change that screw things up.


P.S. Until I upgraded my graphics card to a GeForce4 Ti440 last friday we had almost completely identical systems.

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i have the same problem when playing on mp servers

on map changes, not every map change, jus happens at random, sometimes i'll be able to get to me desktop and everything will be all bright, and i'll need to reboot, other times i wont be able to get out of jk2 and have to hit the reset button

right pain in the ass!

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Well, as annoying as this problem is it's at least nice to know I'm not the only one having it :):(


By pure chance last night I was in spectator mode when the infamous second map change occured (I was talking to somebody and didn't get a chance to return to the main screen before the map changed). When the next map started to load I was swearing and cursing to myself about having to reboot the machine yet again but this time the computer didn't lock up :D :D


It was late and I didn't have time for any further testing but it might be worth a try to see if for some strange reason the lock up doesn't happen if you're in spectator mode rather than a part of the active player list. I know this removes you from the score board but I figure that it's more important to be able to play the game than brag about the amount of kills you got ;)


As I said, I don't know if it was just a fluke or not so I will test this tonight when I get home from work and I will keep you guys informed of my progress.



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Been having the same problem here also! Game plays great, love the swords, the guns, the action! It's a sweet game they've got here, but during the map change I totaly freeze up and have to hit the reset switch! This is not making Windows happy!

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Well darn it :(, the spectator trick from the other night turned out to be just a fluke. I tried it again last night and it made absolutely no difference whatsoever. *sigh*


I'm running out of ideas as to what could be the cause of this weird problem so any suggestions would be very welcome indeed.

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Well, we have already concluded that this lock up problem has nothing to do with the amount of time you play as I've previously played a never ending game for more than 3 hours straight.


Last night I was playing on a FFA server with a rather low kill limit and time limit. The thing is that even though the game often ended/restarted the map didn't change. About a half dozen games later I was still playing with no problems.


We can therefore conclude that this problem has nothing to do with the number of rounds nor the amount of time you play but only occurs when the map changes. :(


Has anybody got any clues as to how we fix this weird problem?!?

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I have this exact same issue... It finishes loading, but then it locks up at "Awaiting Snapshot..."


It's USUALLY (but not always) ok when I first join a server, but then I can count on having issues as soon as the map cycles. Hell, I've found it quicker to leave the game and rejoin after the map's done switching.


Sometimes, it will recover and actually let me continue playing after 3-5 minutes of sitting there. I notice that my hard drive is constantly active during this time. What the heck could it be doing? It's already done loading, and it doesn't ALWAYS have to take another 5 minutes. Sometimes (albeit rare) it'll finish loading and start immediately.


I CAN escape the problem when it locks up. I'm usually able to pull up task manager and close the game manually. By the way, everything on the screen gets really bright because the game changes your display's gamma correction. The reason it stays bright is because if the game crashes, it doesn't change it back. I find myself running the game windowed most of the time so it's easier to cut it off in task manager when it freezes (and it will).



1.3 GHz AMD Athlon Thunderbird


GeForce3 Ti 200 64MB AGP


I turned on the framerate counter (use the console command "cg_drawfps 1"), and in 1024x768x32 with all other graphics settings at max, I get regular framerates of 70+ with Quincunx antialiasing and 8X anisotropic filtering.


It's not a performance issue that causes it to lock up, that's for sure. The game runs like a dream once it gets going. I did e-mail tech support about this. It's been 2 weeks, and they haven't responded. Makes me want to sue... They guarantee 72 hours or less up front. This is really making me mad.


I hope they make a patch pretty soon. There are plenty of issues for them to fix. This is one. Then we have the glitch where you can't get the force powers you want the first time you spawn in a game. There are various problems with the interface in the "Join Server" screen. The multiplayer interface needs work... Game hosts are forced to either call votes or use the console to put in regular, every-day admin commands.


But you know, I'd put up with all the other issues for now if I could just successfully get into a game after a map cycles before someone's already scored 7 kills.....

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Had same problem, except that when it froze I restarted my computer and it just sat frozen on my Dos virus check which got me thinking, so I turned off my virus checker then ran the game, no problems after that. If you don’t have a virus checker, sorry can’t help ya.

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I've been running a dedicated JKO duels server since the first week, and I've had the same troubles as what people are talking about in here..


P3 600 512 MB RAM HD 30gig 7200rpm DSL 640dwn/272up

JKO2Ded. 102a-102c<--- I'm really thinking that it's this 102c version that has something broke in it but it has fixed a couple other things, so I don't want to go back to the earlier version.

server player limit (have played with between 4-8 clients..)


I uninstalled and reinstalled the game on both machines.

changed the dedicateds server configs by comparing other admins configs that are posted in the other forum. changed map rotations, removed skins and sabers, added skins and sabers, had none of the above. And Yet still Map changes are timeing people out and or crashing the game. Something that I personally have gotten Thou I am not sure if other clients have had the same thing happen? but I will timeout after a map change, so I back out and rejoin the server and the server kicks me with a invalid .pk3 file. But if I completely shut down out of the game I can get back in and play there's no problem the entire map but then the map change comes and bam knocked out again.. :(

I Really hope that some Raven folks are looking into both server and client fixes. It would be nice to see some mention of this in a .plan from one of those folks. I've seen that alot of them are now talking about the new game that is out for them but nothing about JKO right now.

anyway just wanted to add in my 1/2 cents worth.

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I tried karl1982's and RavensSoul's suggestion about disconnecting from the server just before a map change. I returned to the main screen, waited about 30 seconds and reconnected to the same server again.


One should think that returning to the main screen would somehow reset the server specific settings and/or clear the local system (i.e. RAM) but unfortunately that was not the case for me.


When I tried to reconnect to the same server the dreaded lock up happened yet again. I quickly rebooted the machine, started JK2 and connected to the same server one more time and from the player list/frags I could see that most of the players were the same as before my crash and judging from thier scores they had been there when the map loaded :(


Tonight I will try to disconnect from the server when a map change i imminent, quit JK2, restart JK2 and reconnect to the server. If that doesn't help I'm out of ideas.


Wish me luck :)

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