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How to Fix You freezing problem(maybe)


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Okay I finally found out the problem with my copy of Jedi Knight.


Windows 2000/XP/98 I think all use IRQ sharing i.e. it assigns multiple devices to the same Interrupt. It then, in theory, manages the devices so no two ever use the IRQ at the same time, thus you can have more then 15 devices on a PC.


Anyways although Windows won't tell you that you have a conflict. Take a look at you Interupt settings on you hardware. I found that on IRQ 11, I had my Video, Sound, Ethernet, and All my USB port(I have 4 on board and a 4 port USB 2.0 card). Were on one IRQ.


So what did I do to fix it. Well because windows is so restrivctive, the only way to be able to set IRQ/interrupts manually would be to reinstall the OS. I decided to screw that an jut pull out my Ethernet and USB card. PC works great now, Jedi Knight II plays for hours(6+) with no problems.


Now this isn't a great solution(I'm looking into finding a way to keep my etherenet card in my pc), but if you just want to play the game...it works.


Here are my system specs(if you were wondering)


AMD Athalon 1.4 GHZ

512 DDR Ram

Radeon 8500 128 MB Video Card

SB Audigy Gamer

20 Gig 7200 RPM IBM HDD

3Com Etherenet Card(Now Removed)

4-port USB 2.0 Expansion card(Now Removed as well)

Windows XP Professional


If anyone knows of a way to jury Rig windows to let you change IRQ setting without reinstalling...Let Me know

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Great, that might be a great help. I also have trouble with jk2 randomly freezing. I've updated my drivers switched off GLextensions. (I thought that had fixed it but alas no).

Could you please enlighten this particular idiot how to check the IRQ settings in windows XP.

Thanks in advance.

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*shakes head*


If you have an IRQ conflict, that's a problem that will affect your computer constantly, not just in this particular game. And not everyone who does in fact have an IRQ conflict can simply pull a card. That's not an issue with Jedi Knight II at all...

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