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Star Wars Versus Star Trek


Star Wars versus Star Trek  

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  1. 1. Star Wars versus Star Trek

    • Star Wars and Jedi Knight II / Academy
    • Star Trek and Elite Force / 2
    • What is Star Wars and what is Star Trek?

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Highlander 3 was the best, had the best sex scenes!


But yeah as to that poll, it's just a TAD biased considering this is a JK2 forum, there was no way star trek was gunna win :)


But Star trek still own, look out for Star Trek X: Nemesis!

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But Star trek still own, look out for Star Trek X: Nemesis!

I've heard that ST10 is utter crap, and this from a Star Trek fan who'd gotten a hold of the script. He said it was a terrible way to leave the NG crew and


Data's death is so stupid and useless and unemotional that it left a bitter taste in his mouth


Now, I've heard Trekkies have this superstition that even-numbered Trek movies are good while the evens suck (even though I think every ST movie but First Contact is crap), but it looks like this movie ends that trend with a bang.

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Sadly, Nemesis was rather mediocre, and I declare now that the "Curse" has been broken. Now with Enterprise throwing all continuity out the window (though the last three episodes have been okay.. season 2 was just awful compared to 1) I wonder how the franchise can stay afloat... ; p


I will say that the SFX in Nemesis were wonderful, and the space battle scenes were great (though still inferior to those seen in DS9, despite the lower budget).

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In the whole SW vs ST, I seriously think SW would win.


The whole continum is more belieavble....

SW - The Force

ST - Time Travel, Evil Dimension, Magic, Q, Teleporters, Shields that encompass everything with sweeping curves, phasers that track and fire so smoothly, wormholes.....


ST too far fetched, and has far too little character continuity for ,e.


Besides, the SW vessels are better. Home One versus Enterprise.


Both with what theycarry naturally...

Enterprise - shuttlecrafts, crew, fixed weapon emplacements

Home One - herself (mobile atrillery platform), star fighters (6 units), crew, ACKBAR.


In terms of content, battle match ups, movies (inc. Eps I/II), background, continum, continuity, characters, degree realism / believability..... SW everytime.

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I too think that SW would beat ST quite easily in just about everything (unless maybe the Q continuum and the Bajoran Prophets decided to work together with the Trek universe, which would probably never happen).


There's lots of unrealistic (and silly) stuff in both universes (hey, it's science FICTION each with a healthy dose of fantasy after all) and I'm not just talking the sounds in space or the fact that there are so many "near human" aliens out there....


Supernova weapons?

Uber "bio-tech" fleets/armies? (Yuzzang Vong, Species 8472)


Now SW doesn't have the nasty habit of the "magic reset button" and the over-use of time travel that Trek does, but it does have the nasty habit (in the EU) of constantly bringing back dead characters, and making ridiculous claims and scenarios (the Executor almost bankrupted the Empire??? A few X-Wings can take out a SSD??).


With franchises this big, unfortunately you get a lot of well... "crap" next to your cool l33tn3s. ; p

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This may be a blatant thread revival, but I don't care.


This was a fun thread, and I have since watched all the Deep Space 9 and (re-watched) the Original Series episodes.


Man... nostaliga for TOS (much better than Enterprise, despite the dated special effects and makeup) and the battles in Deep Space 9 indeed were incredible.


I have read a few "cross over fan fictions" of the two universes that were kind of fun.


I would love to see some kind of fan-made game based on the two fighting somehow (even if it wasn't perfectly balanced).


Sadly, I think now that I've started Voyager, that the Borg have been whittled down in power from what they were in TNG (First Contact did this too), and also Q doesn't seem as powerful as before. I guess you get that with different writers who don't appreciate the mythos as much as Roddenberry did (he created it after all). It's also no coincidence that Enterprise is being made by those same people.


Still, in a recent episode ("Regeneration") it was shown that Enterprise is in fact an alternate "contaminated" timeline (affected by the events of the movie "First Contact") as is Voyager. So that goes a long way in explaining why its so different than The Original Series.

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ould borgs actually adapt to Force? No I think, there limits for their adaptation meaning that their adaptation is only used for their protection, while the Force is what binds the galaxy as I heard. Borgs are not organic but that can't stop Jedi from mpushing them to death, also borgs are dumb due to their dictatorial relationship with the mistress. She just neglects them A.I and that makes them no match to the prophets of the Force

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Star Wars JKII - how many games make getting up close and personal with a melle weapon not only a good way to fight, but s much fun! And with the Force powers, you CAN close the distance to do it.


Its that unique quality (and by UNIQUE I mean I HAVE YET TO SEE A GAME LIKE THIS! Even Halo's melee strike doesn't count) that makes it better.

But then, I prefer SW over ST in al things anyway (well, the ST prequel Enterprise is little better than SW prequel so far...)


Note of intreset though - the people beind the game Elte Force (EA Games isnt it) are SUEING Paramount for alowing the ST continum t stagnate and leave little in the way of new interesting material!

Not kidding!


Source : Sci-Fi Guys

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