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ArmchairAthlete's Guide to Success in Duels!


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*Print this so you can read it while you play! It isn't easy to memorize all of it and then join a game :p*


After playing in many dueling games it has become apparent that my tactics are VERY hard to beat... I often go for over 10 rounds undefeated, not to brag but to show you that these tactics WORK.


Some may call this "cheap". I really hate being told how to play, and if no one uses "cheap" or "broken" tactics Raven won't know to fix them in the next patch. If you think this guide is "cheap" DON'T USE IT! This is for those who want to WIN!


Also, this is NOT a rip off of anyone else's guide. I haven't read any guides, therefore this is %100 original. This is all based on my experiences.


First off, I'll tell you where to put your force points. How many force points a server gives you can vary alot, so I've tried to put them in a relative order of importance.


-Dark Side


-Lvl 3 Saber Offense -*REQUIRED*

-Lvl 3 Grip -*Very Important*

-Lvl 3 Drain -*Very Important*

-Lvl 3 Pull (especially if another player is using Grip often)

-Lvl 2-3 Saber Defense

-Lvl 1-3 Saber Throw

-Lvl 2-3 Jump




In some servers you will have no Force, but you can still have Lvl 3 Saber Offense and still use Heavy (Red) Saber Stance.



You will basically be using two different types of swings, the long-range Horizontal Swipe, and the Leap Attack "Death from Above" special attack.


To do the Horizontal Swipe, strafe left or right and attack while strafing. ALWAYS follow the movement of the enemy while the swipe is in action. Practice is helpful for mastering that.


To do the Leap Attack (I call it that since I played Diablo II too much), move forward while swinging straight. When you character's hands come together on the saber, press JUMP. You can also do this with a Horizontal Swipe when your character's hands go in front of his body. However I think the first method is slightly faster. This will take some practice to get used to hitting an opponent with it, but once you get used to it you'll become quite efficient with it. Remember that it works best when your oppenent is at a decent distance from you and you have room to execute it. As you get good you won't need that much space though.



-Now, here are some things to do in battle/tips.


After bowing if that's your thing or everyone else is doing it (most do), Force Drain your opponent quickly for a few seconds, so he has no Force left. Then proceed to Grip him, attempting to move him into a corner whenever possible. The moment the grip is over immediately execute a Horizontal Swipe. If your opponent is a newbie, he won't move or jump as soon as the Grip is over and you'll have an easy time killing him. If he moves, keep turning the swing at him. Also, if he is trying to Push or Pull you out of the Grip, it's a good idea to strafe around him while Gripping him. This makes it difficult for him to Push/Pull himself free.


At all times if your opponent gets far enough away from you so that he is in "Leap Attack Range" try doing a Leap Attack to him. Some players are better at dodging it than others, but if you use it alot you'll hit him eventually. If your opponent likes to charge straight at you from a distance, he's toast. One hit and he's gone with this one.


Always use the Horizontal Swipe if you want to just duke it out with your opponent. Aim and time it well. If you hit him once with this, a Grip should kill him unless he heals.


Force Drain often! ESPECIALLY if your health is low! Doing it periodically to your opponent will keep him out of force, which will seriously hinder him and give your Force Grip a better chance of finishing since him having no force won't let him push/pull you.


Your Force Bar in the bottom-right of the screen should be at least half-full before you attempt to Grip your opponent. Try not to let it fall past half-full unless you need to Drain in order to heal yourself.


Use the acrobatic Roll move to get away from the opponent or catch up to him faster. Simple press the Crouch key while running Forward, Backward, or strafing left or right.


If your opponent turns on Force Absorb (he'll turn blue) DO NOT USE FORCE POWER ON HIM! This will do nothing but give him more force! You have three options, run away until it wears off, or attempt to Leap Attack or Horizontal Swipe him. His Absorb shouldn't last too long, especially if you Drained him.


If you know your opponent is very low on health, you can use Saber Throw on him to finish him off. This is easiest at close range when he is using the force or swinging his saber.


When Force Gripped IMMEDIATELY face the enemy and press F2 (default) or whatever you hotkey Force Pull to. This should get you out of the Grip and often knock the enemy to the floor where you can slash him.


*No Force Games*

Here you'll just use Leap Attack, Horizontal Swipe, and Roll.



There you have it. Master this and you'll be a force to be reckoned with against the average guy you find in a dueling game ( :newbie: ) Good luck!


Please post comments/additional tips.

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This is the strat to beat. I've only seen a few duelers who followed the above strategy in a very hardcore way and yeah, they are pretty devastating.


The good thing is now that we've got the entire strat spelled out, it shouldn't be too hard to devise a lightside ounter-strategy that can cope with it and win consistently.


In fact.....


*goes to work* :D

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Mattman's Guide to success:


1.) Hit opponent with saber.


2.) Avoid being hit by opponent's saber.


3.) Repeat as necessary.




Seriously though, an experienced light-sider will trample you against that technique, especially if it's the only one you use. I watch my opponent's strategy, and once I've figured it out, I can find a way to beat it. Variety in attack is the key to success...


No one strategy is perfect!!!

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"Got any advice for us light-siders?"


I don't use the light side much, but it can be very powerful also. My strat is far from the only one out there :). As for light side, in duels I've seen someone own alot with it. He used Jedi Mind Trick at the start of each match and stayed invisible for quite a long time... He was pretty hard to evade. He also used Absorb when I tried to Grip him and Heal if he got hurt. The Saber stuff for him was pretty much the same though. Try this, I'm going to soon.


"*shrug* I'd much rather see people using skill than seeing people non stop DFA/drain/grip, thats why I play in servers that support FFA dueling."


You could say the skill comes in the mastery of timing/aiming the two saber attacks. There are quite a few duel servers that have the force turned off.


"How do u do a leap attack?"


This is explained in the guide. Forward, attack, jump when hands meet on the saber. Practice it a bit and you'll be able to execute it easily.


"This is a newbie strategy by the way, experienced duelers will walk all over this."


Hmmm... newbies get owned by me using this constantly. Thats how I've gotten scores like 18-0 in dueling games. I'm not saying this is unstoppable, it's just worked very well for me.


"No one strategy is perfect!!!"


What he said. Just trying to help people use the Dark Side. Maybe I'll rename the topic...


EDIT: Renamed topic

EDIT2: Doh... didn't work...

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When I talk about heavy stance, I include the 19 misses people get with DFA before getting that one lucky hit and getting the nice 1 hit unblockable kill kill. I see a lot of people talk about how much "timing" it takes, well they never seem to include the 10+ misses they make first, before connecting with it. THATS why I dont think most heavy users have much skill, now I havn't seen you people play, so I cant talk about you, I'm only talking about in my experience.

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Here is the mind trick strategie....


Once i remembered that i fought a darksider ....( maybe you ) . He had exactly the same strat as you ( which is classic ).


My strat relies on the MIND TRICK and was supposed to counter your kind of strategie , ArmchairAthlete .... ( IF well used , ppl may call you lamer etc .... )


MIND TRICK can serve several purpose :


- best defense ever ( since ur are invisible )

- and the 100% kill combo ( unblocable )

- Hiding ability

- etc


Some rules to remember :

-MIND TRICK IS WAY UNDERESTIMATED , so few ppl has force of sight

- Never swing ur saber while you are invisible (cuz it stop the mind trick effect ).

-Kick is not considered as an attack ,so u can spam the kick until he falls and remain invisble .When he falls , finish him ( with red stance ) . This is a 100% kill combo ....

-This strat is based on anticipation ... u need to anticipate your opponent movement in order to kick him



Against lightsider , you will win the battle ( if he doesn t have force of sight )...


Against Darksider .... it s a bit tougher ... cuz good player use grip against " minde tricker " .


So this is how i beat darksider :


-First of all , use mind trick before he drains you ( this is very important ) otherwise , he s gonna grip and you loose half your life . Good player will grip , look up and slice you with red stance ( 100% combo ) .


-Then analise how he react to your mind trick :

Does he swing he s saber in the air ?

Does he frequently drain randomly etc ....

If he does that , then he s an incompetant player.... ( easy kill ); all you need to do is kick and slash when he s down ..


If he just run , beware ... this mean he s trying to have a grip on you ... If he has a grip on you , just put absorb on , then turn it off and quickly strafe to the left ( i said left )...( cuz he will try to cut you with red stance ) and kick him from the side ....


The good point about this is that when he has a grip on you , u still remain invisible so he doesn t know if your absorbe is on ...


There is an other way to survive grip . Just heal , while this counter is very effective too ...


My strategie is way too long to be shown in this reply .... I hope this will help you guys to beat the darksider cuz there are not much an issue ....



Legend Of Khaydarin


PS: hey ArmchairAthlete , does my name reminds you something??? cuz i think we fought each other ... ( we both agreed that it was a good fight ..)

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So be an uncreative heavy spammer and always win?


I agree that it s cheap but it s the only counter against darksider when you are lightside .....


I disagree with when you say uncreative ..... to win a battle by using mind trick is IMO , more creative then drain + grip combo...


Legend Of Khaydarin

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( IF well used , ppl may call you lamer etc .... )


I've been called a cheater several times (even though this game doesn't have cheats yet- lets hope never). I just say "How flattering..." and play on.


The guy who was using the Light Side that I was talking about was called lucid.


I don't remember our fight if we had it, so many names to remember lol! Probably happened though.




So there you have it everyone, a powerful Dark Side strategy and a powerful Light Side strategy.

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There's nothing amazing about this tactic; it exploits a number of bugs/imbalances, and really takes the fun out of duels. Besides, you must be playing against newbies; this tactic is relatively easy to counter as a Light Sider.

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"After playing in many dueling games it has become apparent that my tactics are VERY hard to beat... I often go for over 10 rounds undefeated, not to brag but to show you that these tactics WORK." -ArmchairAthlete


-You one-hit wondered ten people in a row! Not to brag, but I've gone over ten rounds undefeated using non-newb moves. I only use the one-hit wonder when I want to show someone who is being, let's just say, not-so-cool that they are being lame. I can use it, but I always feel bad after I use it cuz I know that it was cheap and dumb. It's so easy to hit someone with the plant-the-saber-into-the-ground move. You can kill them with one hit even when the move has been completed and they run into it after the move was already over. Since it's so easy to do and requires little talent to actually kill someone, it is used by n00bs. Seriously, you just keep using it until you get lucky and someone runs into it. You guys have fun arguing now. I'll be off doing better things with my time.

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Dark Side. :vadar:


I have a buddy who's a superior saberist (we both agree) and we went at it to work on my sabering. Now, here's the thing. Neither of us 'just' used sabers. What mattered most was which of us was faster on hitting drain or absorb at the right time.


The reason this was important is because if I didn't drain him fast enough, he could leave absorb up for a long time. Now, while he has absorb up, he can still push/pull me. So he goes full offense. I don't dare attack - because if I do, he'll knock me down and finish me in one hit. I also have to dodge and duck like mad for the 30 seconds or so, because he's doing his best to kill me, and I have no way to heal. Any damage I inflict on him early is wasted (he'll heal) so my strategy _has_ to be to wait for him to run totally out of force... at which point our situations reverse, and I am chasing him trying to throw him to the ground and kill him. But since I can't heal myself if he has no force, if he's managed to wound me during his frenzy, he'll swap to light or medium and go for the finisher.






I'd like to see how he would do against Armchair. Absorb trumps all. Sure, it doesn't last, but against a dark sider that's just fine. Wait for them to attack, step back, knock them to the ground with push, and kill them.


I won more than I lost, but generally because I patient enough to nibble him to death with lightning and grip while staying out of his saber range, not because I was actually a superior saber fighter. Though I did learn a good bit that day... ;)


I always have points in sight, but the thing is SO expensive... I try not to use it ;) The one time I played light side (stupid force team balance server) I used Mind Trick non stop, and loved it.


Oh, and Nay-Sayers to Armchair.... don't whine about his 'cheap' tactics if you can't counter them... don't call them n00bish if you die to them... etc. In the end, if his score is higher, he's doing something right. I don't think anyone spamming DFA would last long against an experienced saberist, so he obviously thinks a little about when to throw it.


- Gaeb

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