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What are some of peoples other interests?


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Obviously The Dig is one of your interests (and probably all other LucasArts adventures), but what else are you into?


For me:


I like doing webdesign, but I'm beginning to realise that I prefer it as a hobby than as a job (which was one of the careers I was thinking).


Instead I think I'll just spend the next few years travelling and working whatever and wherever, to cover the costs of the travel. If you've read the news posts at dig.mixnmojo.com, you'd know that I leave for Japan in about 3 weeks, to continue on my journey. At this stage I would like to do Japan, then the rest of Asia, finally making my way across to Europe. But we'll see how far with that plan I get.


As for music, my favourite bands at the moment are Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182, Frenzal Rhomb. But I also listen to a lot of other music, including game scores and classical.


I'm a huge movie fan. Seen a gazillian of them. Know them, love them. My collection at home is well over 300. I was actually just about to buy another half-a-dozen DVD's when I found out about Japan and decided to save money.


Food? I love most food, except for dairy. However, if I was to choose a couple of meals that stand out above the rest, I'd have to say Pizza, Spagetti and Roast's (Lamb and Chicken).


I work in computers, and am pretty good at my job, but I have never wanted to stay in this industry for too long. I'm very interested in computers, but don't really like working with them. Japan seems a good place to get away from them. Although, if I was offered a job in computers over there, I'd probably take it :)


Finally, I live in Australia, which it might say under my avatar (but I can't remember). But most people only know of Sydney as a city. I live further north, in QLD (Sydney's in NSW), in Brisbane. Brisbane is between the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast. You might have heard of them. It's not a bad place to live, if I do say so myself. My favourite living spot so far.


Some people here, who know me pretty well, would know that I usually don't chat much over the net. So why did I do this? Well, I'm the only one at work today, and there's not much to do, so I have to fill in time... :)

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Here's things I like. :)


Music-Cocteau Twins, Enigma, Delerium, Enya, Tori Amos, Sarah Mclachlan, some Japanese pop and rock..I like unique, heartfelt music.


Books-Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, The Dig by Alan Dean Foster(OF COURSE!), Lucasfilm's Alien Chronicles..I like sci fi and fantasy mostly although other types of books appeal to me as well.


Movies-Star Wars, Terminator 2, Total Recall, My Demon Lover(DON'T ASK).


PC Games-Monkey Island Series, the dig(obviously), Unreal Tournament, Uprising, Mechwarrior 2, Dark Forces, Dark Forces2: Jedi Knight, The Sims, Rollercoaster Tycoon..


Food-Cheese, pizza, tacos, taco salad, egg noodles, ramen noodles, chinese food, etc


I also love anime, webdesign, drawing(It's my main thing!), etc

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Let's see... I'm not too different than people see.

I want to get into a programming or graphics designing job, after college, and I want to move to California, USA to get a job.


I, too, love web design, but I could never get into a paying job for that either, simply because a.) I can't keep content up-to-date on most of my sites, because I just like to design, and b.) I could never possibly accept a dime for designing because I love doing it so much.


I love music from all sorts of games, mainly Monkey Island, the Dig, Full Throttle (Gone Jackals), and Final Fantasy Game Music. I also like some classical, and choir music if it's really good, such as on the Lord of the Rings soundtrack.


I, too, love movies, especially ones that make you think, or ones with good historical backgrounds or just awesome like Indy and Star Wars. But thinking movies like Mission: Impossible and The 6th Sense are awesome. But my favorite movies of all time are The Empire Strikes Back, Indy and the Last Crusade, and Tombstone.


No favorite foods... I'll eat anything thrown in fornt of my face (including lemon marangue pie!)


I'm still a high school student in America as a junior, and I'm an active member in Boy Scouts and in my local Youth Ministry (religious stuff). Also, I volunteer to do my school's website, and am working on a Promo CD for them.


I know Zaarin very well and if he has nothing insightful or important to say, than nothing is said.

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I guess thats why we need boring days at work, so we can learn about each other, hey Schmatz :)


Oh, greenjeanz. I am currently obsessed with Kenshin. It is a great anime.


...and that Speena song - did I just say that?

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Hmm... this is very interesting.


I too am into web design and programming. I am a second year university student, studying computing. I'm really only doing that so as that I may retire as early as possible. But I don't mind doing it.


My true loves are writing and music. As far a music goes, I listen to a very wide variety of stuff, although at the moment my highly played cds are from Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Bjork, Deep Forest, Gomez, Rautavaara, Dire Straits, and Godiego (and the Dig Soundtrack). I write sci-fi and fantasy, and my particular interest is with constructed languages (and hence, JRR Tolkien).


My free time (I have far too much) is also taken up with a variety of other stuff, such as 2d and 3d graphics, programming, reading, observing, contemplating.


I don't like much food, my tastes are very homey (meat and three veg type stuff). I don't really have a favorite film (or films), but ones I particularly like are Flight of the Navigator and The Lord of the Rings.


I too live in Australia, but much further south than SpaceMonkey. I live in Ballarat, which is just to the North and West of Melbourne. I don't want to stay in Australia much longer, and I intend to move to Iceland or Scotland. I yearn for the cold desolation and isolation.


I don't chat much either. My instant messaging 'buddy' list has only one active person on it. I am a listener, not a speaker.


And now I've spoken too much... :)

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My ideal spot to live, for a house, would be on a wind swept coastline. With overcast skies and dark, stormy oceans - similar to in Scotland and Ireland. However, I don't like to be cold, or getting up when it's still dark. Ironic, no?


I'd never be able to leave the house for an extended period of time... I've yet to see what Japan will be like.

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Well, I have made two websites in my life. One (http://www.geocities.com/lucastones/) is appaling, only look if you have to. The other is at lucastones.mixnmojo.com, and its better than the old one... just. Zaarin and I are working on a new one though. Zaarin, you see, is good at that stuff.

I like movies as well (deja vu) - my all time faves are Clockwork Orange and FOTR, but recently my fave is Le Grand Bleu.

Music - mostly film scores, ie. John Williams and Ennio Morricone, but also classic rock like REM, King Crimson and Rolling Stones.

Games - all adventure games like LEC, Simon the Sorcerer, Broken Sword etc, and multiplayer console games, like Anna Kournikova Smash Court Tennis and Wu Tang. I love Metal gear Solid and Transport Tycoon as well.

Books - well, James F. David is my fave author (Footprints of Thunder, Fragments, Ship of the Damned) but I also like the Discworld novels.

Currently I am at Runshaw College (http://www.runshaw.ac.uk/) studying Physics, Chemistry, Geology and Maths. I intend to study physics with astrophysics at uni.

I live in Preston - its ok I guess. I can do all I need to do here - buy stuff, go out etc. Now, I have to go.

It was nice.

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Well let's see here.


Games: Most any so long as it's not strategy(I sucketh mightily).


Movies: See above posts.


Music: Rhapsody in Blue by Gershwin, The Four Seasons by Vivaldi, just about anything with a violin I s'pose:violin:...let's see, what else...Soundtracks of course.


"Real" life activities: Paintball, scuba diving, flying. Beware of paintball though guys, I was once...*ahem* shot:freakout:...you know what I'm talking about...


Other stuff: One word...YODA! You can NOT beat Yoda. Even Samuel L. Jackson thinks Yoda is the bomb.:yoda:


Random Bablings: I live in Roscoe Illinois, depending on traffic about an hour to an hour and a half west of Chicago. Just about a 20 minute drive south takes me to Rockford and BESTBUY! So needless to say I am a happy camper. Born in Colorado. My Mom didn't let me play in the yard because there were many a cactus. My favorite place to live would have to be...hmm...that's a toughie...I'd have to say...Colorado. More specifically right where some family friends live. Huge lawn, just the right amount of trees sprinkled and a BEAUTIFUL view of the Rockies. That and the fact that it's a huge house doesn't hurt either...

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Hummm... I'm into webdesign, drawing, I chat A TON! I'm quite a procrastinator when it comes to school, though... >.>; Thankfully, I'm gonna graduate from highschool in a month! WOO! Then I'm gonna start going to City College since my grades aren't super enough to get me anywhere else. O_o I don't care much, though. XP


I wuv anime! Uhhh I'd say my favorite at the moment is Furi Kuri(FLCL), but I've recently seen Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, and I died at the awesome eerie scenery... @_@ I would LOVE to get into the animation business, seeing as I've grown up watching and loving Disney movies. X3 I'm a sucker for animation, and I'll probably be like that for the rest of my life.


Musica! I can listen to a lotta different things, but I especially try to avoid rap & country. XP~ At the moment, I'm all over the song "Kiss Me Deadly" by Reel Big Fish.


Games! WEEE The Dig & Full Throttle are tons of fun to play every few months. XD I love RPGs, which implies(kinda) that I'm a fan of the final fantasy series... I've played 6, 7, 8, & 9... I will say that 10 looks rather wierd with the VOICE ACTING O___o, and 11 looks just plain dumb to me ¬_¬. Oooo I LOVE Silent Hill, and I really really want my bro to save up and buy a PS2(yeah, i con him into things like that) so I can grab the second one and play it. XD


Movies! Uhhh, I love Indy Jones; I have a black & white photo of him framed and sitting on my bookshelf by my desk in my room. XD Um, as I said before, I'll watch any animated movie, so long as it's decent looking. Naturally, FOTR is one of my favorite movies as of now, ... uhhh... can't wait to see Spiderman, though it'll suck if they totally screwed it over and only made it look good in the previews. O_o; I'm in LOVE with Kurt Russel. I'll watch ANY movie with him in it. X3


Food! Top Ramen + Lea & Perrins = YUMMAAYY!! XD


Uuumm... I live in Santa Barbara, CA, right on the edge of the continent! I've met 3 of my online buds so far, and I'm planning to go on a major road trip when I make enough money and get my own car and just drive around the country and visit the rest of my online buds in the US. The rest will have to wait a lil longer till I can make enough money to take a cruise around the globe to visit them. X3


http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/nexus/ <-- my collective! WEEE XD


*waves @ GJ* HIIYOOO!! XD

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Me oh my, I forgot to talk about food.


Food: Hamburgers. With. Lots. Of. Ketchup. I even have a shirt that says, "I put ketchup on my ketchup." I don't have a hamburg with ketchup, I have ketchup with a hamburg. Ketchup, the crack of condiments.

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