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I need some help with my mod


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I made a mod to be Galak Mech in single player but I need some help with making his shield turn on or to make him smack you in the air the way he does as an NPC. I'm pretty sure it's an AI thing but I can't find the AI files. I was a Jedi Knight fan for a while now and I used to edit the old Jedi Knight games. I would add the AI file to Yun or something and he would randomly do moves (that was before I figured out that you don't need an AI file). I was also wondering if you could do it in JKII.


I had to turn it back to a .zip extention because Geocities doesn't upload pk3's.


PLEASE READ!: You will recieve a "Cannot Find File" error when click the url. You have to change the "us.share.geocities" part of the url to www . geocities. I don't know why geocities does that.

You can Download the Mod here: http://geocities.com/jeraldsl/SP_GalakMech.zip

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