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Awaiting Snapshot Lockup -- SOLUTION


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Many of us have been experiencing lockups and poor performance at "Awaiting Snapshot..." when joining an MP game or when cycling maps. It has been my experience ever since Windows 95 that full audio acceleration simply causes problems. (Note: These instructions are for Windows XP, but this portion of Windows is virtually the same in all versions) This is how you fix it:




Right-click on the volume control icon in the system tray (by the clock). Click "Adjust Audio Properties."


If that way doesn't work out for you, try this:


In control panel, you will find "Sounds and Audio Devices" or something similar to that. It's the one where you can set all the Windows sound effects. Open it.




Click the "Audio" tab at the top. In the box labeled "Sound Playback," click the "Advanced" button. Click the "Performance" tab at the top.


Now, change the Hardware Acceleration to "Basic."




Enjoy this great game! I hope this fixes it for everyone. Having the acceleration above basic has messed with me in a number of games, and it also makes windows media player skip the first second of MP3 playback (very irritating). On a side note, this also fixed the problems I had with sucky performance when I was killed (which isn't often, lol). Happy sabering to you all!


- Karl


P.S. LucasArts Tech Support... I lost count of how many weeks past a month it's been since I asked you about this, and you never bothered to reply, but just watch... I bet you'll have MY solution up on Yoda's Help Desk in no time flat, and probably without any credit to me, which is rather shameful...

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