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Fellow Mojoeions....


Would you pay $5 to keep Mojo alive?  

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  1. 1. Would you pay $5 to keep Mojo alive?


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thats not really the point, if you gave mojo $5 but wanted something in return spaff would have to pay for whatever you wanted to be made, so therefore, from the $5 you paid them, mojo would probably only get $1, which isnt good.


It would be out of kindness that you would give them $5 to keep them alive, after we all love mojo!

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hmm mojo store, sounds good, will we get lovely lovely MONEH TO SPEND ON MOJO, TO GET NEW WEBMAS..... I MEAN.... I MEAN....



...bugger, and where did the Mojo Auctions go?


and i will also not turn down a fiver

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Last I heard our advertising provider was no longer screwing us royally, so Mojo and all of LFN is actually bringing in enough money to live. Note that JKII.net has its own server now (bringing LFNetwork's total to 3 servers now), and therefore Mojo and LF haven't gone crashing down into the sun in the last couple days.


Regardless we hope to auction more rare crap, start maybe exporting games (a possibility if it wont get us sued!) and maybe making some cun cheap silly Mojo merchandise to affix to your friends cars.

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hmm i'd love a mojo store that sends out lucasarts company store goods :) its quite legal i think...if you don't make money out of selling the products itself. But you could like make money out of shipping ;) Get what I mean? :)

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Pimp eh? Finally a sure way for mojo to make money!


<gratuitous blackadder quote>

Why walk all the way to London when you can make a fortune lying on your back?

</gratuitous blackadder quote>

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