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Xtreme Jedi -{XJ}- (aussie clan)


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Maybe it's your gungan status scaring them off Letalis :)



Nah, there's not as many aussies browsing these boards as americans, so it wont be the most read thread in the clan forum. I'll get the site back up soon too...


but yeah stud... that sounds good :)


Who have we go so far?


-{XJ}- GonkH8er

-{XJ}- Letalis

-{XJ}- Jen-ocide

-{XJ}- RavenArk

-{XJ}- Wet Sponge

-{XJ}- Cliff Burton

-{XJ}- CaVeMaN (when he gets his ass into gear :))


Biggs might be coming back too.. but thats all for the moment. I've got some pals around who are pretty good and might be interested. In the mean time, practice :)

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Well guy i'm an aussie i live in perth but when i went looking about a month or two ago there was no Aussie clans so i Joined JMH ( visit http://www.chinchillapimp.com/jmh/ ) i would like to challange yous though and maybe, if your clan is a lightside clan, see if JMH and Xtreme Jedi could become allies or just duel each other regularly.


JMH_Siraious: lord_siraious@hotmail.com

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Yeah i know but im an aussie so you can play me with no problems. if you leave an email so i can contact you we can set up time when we can have friendly duels. i cant duel ya until the weekend at the moment as im fixing the bugs in my PC currently. hope your interested in duelling coz i can do with playing some aussies for a change.

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Count me in for any fights we're picking! I'll show you how unfairly I've been ranked as Gungan!


And worry not Gonk, for practise I shall, and beat you again I will! ;)


'Cos if I kick your arse like I did when i was from 'n00bsville' as you so delicately put it, imagin how dead you are in future! :p


Lookin' forward to any fights you can organise us also!

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