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**Suggestions for next patch**


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Personally, I think saber battles take way too long with the new damage settings and increased chance of blocking. I felt that the developers over nerfed some things in the game but at least they were heading at the right direction.


Old bugs that weren't patched:

1) You can still infinitely do the crouch move in the air in blue stance to glide from high heights by holding crouch and attack.

2) The spinning saber by using primary attack still works (the one where you DONT have to strafe around).


Changes to be made:

1) Since saber defense has already increased significantly, the saber battles are going to be long enough so change damage settings for red (80, reduced by 20 so theres no 1 hit kill), yellow (60, same as before), blue (40, same as before).

2) When challenged, saber throw should be removed just like force throw and push. It is a saber throw fest out there right now and no ones going close combat.

3) Change DFA back to its original version (but keep the use of using the attack button). Since the sword in the floor bug has been removed, its super easy to attack a missed DFA. Right now, the DFA has become utterly useless and saber has a huge disadvantage against gunners that way. Whats the point of creating a cool special move if its totally garbage? They should make it require some skill not some miracle.

4) PLEASE dont make the models yell until they get a CLEAN hit. Or have different yells for different dmg.

5) Also, gliding in the air doesnt seem to give any more advantage than simply jumping, so whats the point of creating this animation? Perhaps they should allow gliding to actually slow down your descent to the ground? It requires a somewhat complex combination of moves, why not give it some benefit?



my 2 cents.

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Forgot to mention the nerfs/improvements they did to the forces. It seems that lighties are dominating darkies bigtime after the new patch. That shows that it didnt exactly "balance" anything but on the contrary, it basically unbalanced the game the other way. I think they tried to compensate some loss by giving too much benefit. Anyhow, force absorb is perfect now but since it's acting like its suppose to, they should change back the things they nerfed such as:


1) Force grip - the old version wasnt too powerful at all even with the old absorb, change it back.

2) Force drain - nerfed a little too much so give it back some power. Make it so you cannot drain anyones force if you have 100 health but your force goes down if u hold the button down.

3) Force heal - the ratio just sucks right now, 50% force to 25% health at level 3. It used to be 25% force to 50% health, so I think the best is 25% force for 25% health sounds reasonable since its right in between.

4) Force protect - if it doesnt have an invis shield like absorb, it should.

5) Dark Rage - should make it increase drastic chance in delivering unblockable hits.

6) Mind Trick - level 1 seeing can see level 3 mind trick. That itself gimps it hardcore.


Bugs i forgot to mention:

1) When you get knocked down sometimes and you jump quickly, the player gets stuck in a pose with the saber pointing down and it takes several key presses before the player moves again.

2) When i first connect to a server, the force setting remains the same as the last game i played even after i press apply. I have to go back to the force setting screen and make a change, then press apply again, and then die before it resets.


Suggestions i forgot to mention

1) Please have different death messages for different saber styles. And have unique ones for the 3 special saber moves as well as saber throw.



Feel free to add to this thread

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1. Bring back the spinning twirl move with yellow stance


2. reduce blocks. Before, in 1.02, if I saw an opening on the body and took a shot, the person would get hurt. Now it's just blocks from all angles. I've read a lot a reviews where the biggest complaint of JKO is the button mashing for MP....if only they did the review after the patch, I wonder what they would descibe the game play now.

I also don't understand the blocking....sometimes I block the one-hit kill move and sometimes, even if I'm standing in perfect position for the block, I instantly get killed


3. slow down the blue stance a little bit...it's fun to watch, but just to watch, not play. It's insane now...now I just hold the attack button and charge at the opponent and usually I win with this ridiculous tactic.


umm...that's all I can think of for now....

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i think all it shouls be is, that it shouldnt change the game.

And what should happen it, making red stance slightly weeker.

when you strife left/right to swing, he shouldnt be running all over the place (real light saber combat style)

and basicly makeing the combat style of sabers more fun easyer and more life like/real lilke in the movies (just like i espected the game to be before i got it)

so no big changes just a few patches to make it a bit more fun

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re:Old bugs that weren't patched:

1) You can still infinitely do the crouch move in the air in blue stance to glide from high heights by holding crouch and attack.


what is this? i've never seen/noticed it before! I'll have to try it and see how it works......sounds entertaining at best!

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