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WIP: Mon Calamari Model


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Thanks for the sounds Theron Qu'ud but I will try to use it but i think there are too much noise and the voice is no too loud


For the plug you take the audio out of your gamecube, I think you will need an Y cable for converting the 2 stereo cable in 1 mono and after putting this in the audio in (line in) of your sound card

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Moooa, every time I see an update on this model, I'm more and more impressed! I probably missed this, but with that robed Jedi model, will it be removable with a .surf file? I'd love to make my Oddev skin with and without robe :D In fact, I think I'll do just the unrobed part of the skin, and borrow your robe textures (if you don't mind), since they look really good, and Jedi robes are typically all the same anyway :)


As for what Oddev is doing at this moment - I know I keep saying I'll work on him, but I keep getting drawn back into Earth and Beyond for 10+ hours a day (still away from work because of the kidney stones). I've been playing less the past couple days, so I really will try to get to work on it again. Moooa, if you could once again send me the latest update to it, especially if the Jedi version includes both robe and non-robe, I will REALLY REALLY try to get my rear in gear :D


And before anyone asks about the Bothan, he's still sitting around doing nothing :) Toonces and Moooa both offered to help me with the unwrapping, so I'll talk to both and see if the offer is still good, and see if we can get it done :)

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Kururin don't go buy an adapter if you haven't one , don't spend your money in this. I'll find a solution for getting these sounds, i've an adapter and just need a gamecube and rogue leader :)

Howerwise do you have found the line in entry on your sound card, because I have an other idea


Hey Bradfu, thanks :)

For the robed version, it will not be removable with a surf file because of there are already many polygons. But that change nothing for you, i will do like the tyrion model (a model robe and 1 non-robe) and for the texture it will change nothing. If u wanna use my robe texture you're welcome :)

The model I send to u is the last one I make because I haven't animate the robe for the moment. But you can already make your model, the texture will be the same for the 2 models


And for your bothan, I'll be happy to uvmap it if u want :)

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I've got the Y adapter (Ask for an RCA Audio to mini-jack adapter), but also no gamecube or Rogue Leader (I REALLY want to get one, someday when I have some spare money :( ). I use mine to jack my laptop sound output into my stereo system so I can watch video files (IE, the entire run of Babylon 5 in DIVX) on my TV :) It's a very useful little adapter :) Cheap, too, like Kururin said, so Moooa, don't worry about him going out and buying one, I'm willing to bet he'll use it for other things in the future :) If nothing else, he could jack his computer into his stereo system and listen to MP3s properly :D Screw the little cheap computer speakers! :D

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Originally posted by BradFu

(Ask for an RCA Audio to mini-jack adapter)



Thanks cause i wasn't sure what to ask for. :D maybe tommorow ill be able to buy one at Circuit City?:confused: And i need to hurry cause Report cards come out a week from now and im positive i wont be able to get on the computer for a while.:(

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Kururin thanks for all you make for me :D


PalnGipanji I'm totally agree with you for the fish hook but i've try to put it out without any result so ... :)


Ok today I have time to animate the robe and i just have to beta test it more but it seems that it works fine for the moment

Here's pics








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