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James' Preview


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Cool looking geometry, but pretty weak lighting.

- Make sure you don't overuse the colored lighting (rooms solely illuminated by blue/red aren't usually a good idea).

- It could be a pretty cool effect leaving the depths/heights of the map in darkness (how high up are you? the effect is more impressive to make the player use his imagination than to actually show it...) but having _everything_ dark is too much... makes the map exist in isolation / void.


Fitting in with the dark/night theme, it might be a cool effect to use one of the starscapes as a sky and have it partially visible through the "foliage."


Maybe some nearby tree-trunks would add some "contextual atmosphere," to coin a phrase (aka enhance the believability/immesion in this location).


Admittedly, I can only see a small portion of the map, but make sure you utilize multiple levels of height in the map's design. Oh, and don't embrace perfect symmetry! It's cooler to have similar-level-of-difficulty challenges involved in penetrating each base, and it's kinda passe to have your total map really be 1/2 of a map held up to a mirror.


Only other thing on my mind at the moment is to warn you about throwing too many polygons into a really open map design. Nar_Shadaa got around this by having big corners in the map which obscured large chunks of geometry. Don't know how you feel about having a _giant_ tree in your map, so... just keep it in mind. There's plenty of creative ways to go about it.


The map is a really cool idea - it's great that looking at the screenshot my first thought was "yeah! that's kashyyk!" even though (to my knowledge) I haven't ever seen any kashyyk-related artwork before. So you've definately going in the right direction...


Good luck!

--Elias Peterson

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Good suggestions. If I can think of a good way other than the coloured lighting to indicate bases i'll use that and tone down the lighting. The map is already symetrical so I can't really fix that. Plus it is REALLY hard to balance non-symetrical bases, CTF Temple Tournament manages it suprisingly well.


There is a tree in the centre of the level, there weren't framerate issues without it, but vis took many many hours, I still haven't bothered with a Fullvis compile yet.


As for brightening the trees to improve the atmosphere, i'll do my best, but when it takes 30mins to even to a 1/2 light on Fastvis, its luck at best :(


For the stars, that's a good idea, i'll look into it.


There are two levels of gameplay, the lower is the "scenic" route, the upper is more widely travelled, both take you through the tree in the centre.


If the implementation doesn't cause too much of a framerate hit, i'll use the same foliage as in Tee's duel and FFA maps. I'll also add some more tree trunks if they help improve the atmosphere.


The main issue at the moment is getting it to compile on Fullvis, last time I left it for 8 hours and it didn't get past vis, and this is on a 1.5ghz machine working high priority.

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very good so far, thow ligting aint perfect, follow elias's remarks, they are good, just wondering if ur good at modeling, if u can model a wookie, i can probly skin it for you, im kinda new, so im not soo good, but im learning fast, i just need some better tools, so email me if u decide to make one, or whatever






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