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I go by the name of Darth Sirrius.


I use the most evil skin i can find and i always use the yellow/orange saber colour (I know that's strange for the sith but i'm special)


How do you make the little animations at the bottom of the post?

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Originally posted by SkinWalker

I go by SkinWalker... a Native American Legend. But in attempt to be true to the name, I've bound (binded?) a couple of keys to changes skins during the middle of a fight / duel. Just to be funny more than anything.



Tha changing the skin durin battle is kinda crapy on your behalf, especially in saber duesl mathces, because the skin may be already loaded on your machine, but it takes some time to load on the oponent's machine and he is vulnerable in that time.

Someone pulled that stuff with me one time and even though I have a pretty fast machine, made me loose the game.

Not very fair, even though you may think it is funny.

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Rather extensive list here, must say!!!


Well, i'm only a LAN player so don't expect 2 see me online...


Current name: Kynal

Stems from a character Kynal Ondaari, a Jedi I created who is the founder of a renegade Jedi league in a different realm to the original Jedi... Hehe, a rather limited story at the mo, but as he works out who he is and trains a few padawans, the plot will thicken :)


Other game names:



Wild Chocolate (yah, my email address)





Other names that are cool, sometimes i use them, look these up if you don't know what they mean (some of them might be a bit harder to find, hehe):

Gubernaculum (or Gubey for short)




Beta Lactam



Some of you might now know what I do in my real life :)

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