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Weapons to be included in Beta .1


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I thought that as a little teaser towards what will show up in the first beta of Rebel Strike, I thought I'd post what weapons that will be included...


This is a short list of weapons and a little description of each one (Remember though, that this list is what we have in mind right now, the possibilities of alterations is still quite high & a couple more weapons will probably be included in the first beta.):


>>>Blaster Pistols<<<


Scout Blaster

- A small blaster pistol used by The Emperial Scout Troops.


*Another small blaster pistol will also be included but we haven't decided which one to use yet*


Heavy Blaster Pistol DL-44

- A very powerful blaster pistol with extreme accuracy.


>>>Blaster Rifles<<<


BlasTech E-11 Blaster Rifle

-Used by The Imperial Stormtroopers is fast firing and pretty powerful.


BlasTech DL-17 Blaster Rifle

-Used by The Rebels, the DL-17 is not as powerful as the E-11 but it's easier to fire, and doesn't get very jumpy as the E-11 does.


BlasTech Blaster Carbine

-A more advanced version of the E-11.


Heavy Repeating Rifle

- Probably the most powerful handheld rifle in service. It's fast and very deadly.




Frag Grenade

- A weapon in every Stormtrooper's arsenal, thus a very common weapon in the galaxy.


Thermal Detonator

- The thermal detonator releases a heat shockwave which disintegrates everything in a 10 meter radius.


Seismic detonator

- A detonating device used to blow up things you in general can't blow up. Disintegrates almost anything in a big radius by shaking it to pieces in a big bang.




I will update this post when I find the document, which right now is lost somewhere in the battlefield that could be called my room.



/Best Regards- Jim, Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike crew

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Blastech E-11:

short range to mid range (3 times a normal blaster)

Can be set from stun to vaporize

Precise weapon

Energycell (quick reload) has 100 shots

(plasma)Gaspatron (slow reload) has 300 shots


Blastech E-11/S:

Fires Lasers, Bullets or both


Blastech E-11B:

Used by rebels at Battle of Endor

Higher firing rate


DCC Defender (Leia's gun at the beginning of ANH):

Normal blaster (I have a pic for modelling)



No clue where it comes from ... I have a pic for moddeling

Arrow Grenade Gun


MM9 (Boba Fett's Gun):

Just a pic for modelling



See previous post with a pic


Thermal detonator:

Range 5 meters

Detononators from Merrsonn Munitions Inc have range 20 meters

Some very illegal modified versions have a range up to 200 meters


That's it for now ... I haven't checked Behind the Magic for facts ... if you want me to (because yo don't have it), give a ring.

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Thanx Young David.


That was some cool information :).


I will forward this post and your name and email to Roger. I'll tell him to write you a letter. If you don't get one soon, write him yourself heh.


May the force be with you.


/Best Regards- Jim. Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.

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Originally posted by Jim@Rebelstrike

Thanx Young David.

I will forward this post and your name and email to Roger. I'll tell him to write you a letter. If you don't get one soon, write him yourself heh.


Uhm ... what for? Official team member? Beta testing? Hehe


If you want I'll give you a map of echo base too.


[edit]Hey ... how do you know my email? It's youngdavid777@hotmail.com[/edit]

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Shouldnt there be any sniper rifles? I mean for gameplays sake?

Someone got to pick the enemies off at long range, else it might turn out to a furball... Anyhow, a rifle similiar to those tuskens use to shoot at the pod-race or like that one Luke brings to find R2 at tatooine. No jedi knight 2 type of sniperrifle... I hate that beam, doesnt feel like star wars..


Just some thinking... dont bite my head off... :rolleyes:


sorry for bad english.

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