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New Modeler needed!


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We need a new modeler to replace me when I go...


Here's the demands needed:


:You will have to be skilled and knowing of character and weapon modeling.


:You need to have a later version of 3D Studio Max. Version 4 is recommended.


:You need to be experienced in using Max since we don't have another person except me on the team that can handle it.


:This sounds self-centered but hehe, you'll need to make as good models as I do ;)...


Write to Roger about this, I will ask him to post a news topic on the Mod Central.


Anyways, It's been nice working on this mod and helping Roger to get it going. I would like to thank everyone for the interest they showed in Rebel Strike. And I wish everybody on the team good luck :). I will be here and do what I can to help until about the 22nd of June.



/Very Best Regards- Jim, Modleader & Modeler at Rebel Strike Crew.

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