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Re-sizing Myself?


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you have to edit the npcs.cfg file. it is in assets0.pk3. under /ext_data/npcs.cfg


1)go down the list and find kyle2)modify it so that it looks like this:




fullName "Katarn, Kyle"

playerModel kyle

saberColor blue

reactions 4

aim 5

move 3

aggression 5

evasion 5

intelligence 5

playerTeam player

// race human

class kyle

snd kyle

sndcombat kyle

sndjedi kyle

scaleX 100

scaleY 100

scaleZ 100

dismemberProbHead 1

dismemberProbArms 1

dismemberProbHands 20

dismemberProbLegs 1

dismemberProbWaist 1



to modify it as big or small as you want, just edit the 'scale' sections.

100 = regular size

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