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Army TC beta 2: a must see!

Guest Darth Kurgan

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Guest Darth Kurgan

Btw, I've been playing "Infiltration" for UT alot lately, and also messing around with Army TC beta 2.


The only beef I have with the Army TC, is that the levels are too bright (need more shadows to hide in, and put those flashlights to good use), and the levels include that stupid cycling bug (really, all you have to do is edit your Episode.jk file and make sure it goes from level 10 to level 11).


I think the realistic weapons, bleeding, and textures are great. It would really be cool playing this patch in conjunction with MOTS CTF (just thinking of it makes me drool). ; )


Adding the locational damage (I think it might already be in there, anybody know?) and modifying it to a COOP level would really be neat. I'm sure when this mod is totally finished it will be very impressive.


I can see now why all those "action" mods for Half Life and Quake2 are so popular.


It's like playing Rainbow 6, only you don't have a slow character and clunky controls.


; )


Really, Army TC really impressed me, there's a ton of never-before seen features, and it actually LOOKS Like a TC. I can't wait to see it when it's done.


So, Art of the Lightsaber is finally out, I hope all the folks who were waiting for it enjoy it (I am downloading it now)!



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